Sunday, November 20, 2011

river is 3

river. what can i say? i love this girl. we are kindred spirits. she is me. i get how her mind works. i enjoy spending time with her and love when she comes to my bed in the middle of the night and cuddles in, needing my arm in order to fall asleep. she is the best at cuddling. she is smart and witty and keeps us laughing. she is head strong and confident. she is physically strong and capable. she is feisty and sweet. she has such a tender heart. she is river. she is mine.
she is so sweet and has such an amazing little personality. she is definitely a light in my life and sometimes it feels like my heart might explode.

here are a few things she's said over the last year that i don't want to forget. most of them are in order as they occurred through the year so it's obviously which ones she said at 2 as apposed to 3. :)
-she calls popeye 'piepie'
-she frequently asks 'wanna watch bideo'-but won't sit longer than 5 minutes to watch.
-i get asked 'whatta gonna do?' all day!
-she loves books
-she says work without the w.
-words with 'ar' are said 'aw', 'ow' or like a new york accent. car is caw. party is powty.
-one time we were playing and she was the mom. she said, 'be obedient. don't tell me no. lay down.' :)
-chawlie the dog.(charlie)
-she came up to me one day and said, 'i catch fish. want to pet him. he's nice. i love fish.'
-'wanna go pawk marrow?' want to go to the park tomorrow?
-after christmas i frequently heard, 'it's my favorite. i got it from santa clause.'
when we are cuddling together she always asks, 'are you comfy?'
-another thing i'm asked often, 'what a doin?'
-the girls were fighting in the bathtub and flower said 'you are a child' and river screamed 'i not child!' apparently that was very offensive.
-when she wants something we are always told, 'share'
-when you want something from her she immediately says, 'i don't hava share'
-when she has done something wrong and knows she might get in trouble the first words out of her mouth are 'it's just fine'
-another time that i was trying to talk to her because she hit flower she said, 'i'm not talkin to you because I'm jus sleepin.'
-if we are leaving the house and she may not be going she pleads, 'please wait fa me.' while she races to put on shoes.
-she knows how to tease and will say, 'i'm jus teasin'
-one time she was racing for the potty and so proudly annouced, 'i made it! i don't pee myself. happy!'
-if she is impressed with something we've done we hear 'how didu do dat?'
-and the typical question of this age, 'why?'
-everywhere we go she asks total strangers and people she's knows, 'what's ye name? why?'
-she makes friends where ever we go because she strikes up a conversation with everyone.
-i hear the crooked(cricket)
-when we're cuddling she'll say, 'i'm tozy'
-she loves her clothes on backwards and inside out
-one morning she right when she woke up she said, 'last night i dreamed. i learned about school and the prophet.' so random!
-as we came into town o the connector and saw kg's work, River's points and says, "there's daddy's temple" ha
-she loves to tell jokes and her first one is, 'why the chicken cross da woad. because.' then she answer was changed to, 'to see the pond.' every couple of weeks the answer would change. :)
-i jumped out at her one day and as though it were completely normal she says, 'you scared me angee.', with her hand on her hip.
-she loves the songs at the beginning of shows and will ask to watch something and then when the song is over she's done.
-she talks in her sleep. usually it's inaudible mumbles but one night she sat up, look right at me and said, 'stop copyin me! Stop' and then laid right back down and continued to sleep..
-when she doesn't like something your doing she says, 'you're creepy'
-she had a cold and a runny nose and said, 'i need a tissue, my nose is leaking'
-everywhere we go she loves to find things that match
-the only cartoon she'll watch for longer than 5 minutes is the old school pink panther and she loves the theme song
-she loves to use hanitizer(hand sanitizer)
-she'll rub my arms or neck and say, 'Dis feel good?'
-she loves to go swimming in the cool(pool)
-her favorite drink is lemolade
- when she wants something she'll ask for 'lotser and lotser'
-she had a major sweet tooth! she definitely takes after me in that dessert should be served first or if not you, you save room for it. (kg and flower will take a second helping of the main dish and not even have dessert. crazy i tell ya!)
-she loves fruits and vegetables. she still eat a banana almost everyday and sometimes more. this as happened since she could talk. that's a lot of bananas! she eats the colored peppers and onions like their apples.
-she puts things in her pants and says, 'i have a grownup' (this is what she calls a penis)
-'where's the ear kips' (q-tips)
-she'll say something and then ask, 'that be a good idea?'
-one she day said, 'I'll give u all a dollar if you let me use the sink'
-she calls chocolate milk 'bunny mix'
-instead of saying everyone or everybody she says, 'everyguys'
-school sounds like sqwal, pipsicle sounds like popsicqwal
-she loves music!
-if you have a purse she thinks there must be gum in there and has no problem asking for it, even strangers

i think that about sums it up. i know i'm missing so much. i wish i could record everyday of their lives so i never forget.

River's birthday photos

i did a little photo shoot with the girls before church on her birthday.

love that girl!

later that night they wanted tons of makeup on so i obliged. :)

such pretty girls.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

river's third birthday party

our mantel for the month.
we celebrated river's birthday with friends on the 19th at the clubhouse.

she constantly asks us to light lighters or pretend we have a flame so she can blow it out. but when it came time to actually do it for her birthday she got all embarrassed! silly girl.
that's her embarrassed smile.
and her nervous smile :)

she wouldn't get any closer than this. notice the flame looks like a whale?!
she got so many fun things. thank you everyone!

after all the cake and present hoopla, the children got in the hot tub.
such a fun night.

Friday, November 18, 2011

river's birthday cupcakes

november 18th, flower helped me make the cupcakes for river's birthday. we got fancy and added some goodies. we made a vanilla cupcake and added a milkyway inside and frosted in chocolate with pink sprinkles.
we also did a yellow cake with a cherry cordial inside and cherry frosting with purple sprinkles.

flower was a great helper!

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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