Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stained Demise

pure obsession
dangerous game of trust
vulnerable disadvantage

sometimes hidden from my view
this stain is always there anew
showing it's ugly face
when i'm losing the race
so destructive and so true.

it seems each time it reappears
it's stronger and creates more tears
i'm not sure how much more
of this i can endure
the pain creates so many fears.

can something that i've loved so much
be such a detriment to touch?
could it be causing
the need for pausing
to create this questioning crutch?

why am i so conflicted?
things just need to be sifted.
i'm sinking quickly
becoming sickly
but somehow don't want things shifted.

this need for adventure will win
filling the inside and my skin
to be my demise
i cannot disguise
that in reality it's sin

some people cut to know their alive
i pick at my lips as i strive
to make it hurt more
then what's at the core
as i wait for the blood to arrive.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


On Saturday we had our second official date night without Flower. We dropped her off with the Sturgill's and they took her to our ward picnic and then brought her to the apartment. From what we understand she was a real charmer at the picnic and had Jerry wrapped around her little finger at home. She had so much fun with them and I think the feeling was mutual. Thanks you guys for taking care of our Flower. :O)
For our date we walked to the Reef for dinner. I think I Liked it better then KG and the Goodsell's. My meal was yummy! We then walked to the Egyptian Theater
for a concert. What better venue then this!

The opening act was Oppenheimer. Opening acts can be so hit or miss! This one was
fabulous! We loved them!

We bought their CD and then waited anxiously for the main act...!
They were very entertaining and we loved every minute of it! It was the first time seeing them for all of us and well worth it!

The entire weekend was packed with fun. I can't ask for anything better then that!

Videos from summertime

I was looking through my videos today and decided to upload several that were forgotten. Enjoy.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Belt test

On September 14th KG and John tested for their next belt in karate. This was the first time I have gone to watch. It was really cool to be there. Regretfully I missed a lot of the beginning because he's never done one this way before and didn't know how it would go. We both thought I'd be safe getting something to eat with Flower and then coming back so that we wouldn't get antsy sitting there for three hours. My sister called while we were eating Tony Roma's so she and her two kids joined us. They then went with me to watch KG.

I only took the first four photos. I'm grateful to the guy that took the rest of these photos and for sharing them with us!

I did see him get his belt and get kicked in the gut so that was worth it! I'm so proud of him for going after something he's wanted to do for so long!

Congratulations Boys! :)
p.s.-here is the video of the awesome kick!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Walking with my girls!

First off, thanks to Amanda for all the photos in this blog since I forgot my camera! Saturday, the day after our girl's night, we all met up bright and early to participate in the St. Luke's Women's Health Walk. Alyse and her girls weren't able to make it because Torta had a soccer game. Go Torta!
Amanda's mom joined us though and it was a lot of fun!
It started off a bit rainy as you can see by my mom's poncho. But it soon cleared up and was beautiful for the remainder of the walk.

We stopped for a potty break and had to stop several times for various reasons like to unroll Flower's pants and then roll them again and fix her hat and so on.
Flower did really well. She started in the stroller but wanted to walk when we got to Crescent Rim. She walked almost all the way into the park from there which is about half way.

I believe this is the longest distance Kas had ever walked and she did awesome!

We pretty much took our time and enjoyed ourselves and therefore were one of the last to cross the finish line. That made it that much more fun!
Kas was personally escorted across by one of the announcers. He grabbed her hand and skipped all the way with her. Pretty cute!
We enjoyed all the goodies in the park.
Finally we all walked to Pie Hole for lunch. What an enjoyable morning!
The way I felt for the rest of the day reaffirmed the fact that I need to get moving again. My head was more clear and I just felt better!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Girls Night!

This is the most special group of gals on the planet! I am so blessed to have in my life three amazing sisters, two incredible mom's and the five most beautiful nieces. It's amazing how they don't even need to know every problem in my life to make me feel better. They bring such joy into my life and I hope each and EVERY one of them knows how much I love and cherish them!
Now, enough mush and onto the details. My mom hosted a Girl's Night Out on Friday night. We started at her place with pizza. :) Any party that starts with pizza is bound to be good. Thanks to my brother Ryan for enduring all the estrogen so we could get great photos! ;) He stayed for pizza as well. He then took my youngest niece, his daughter, with him so her mommy could enjoy the movie, later to come, a little easier. Girl's night just wouldn't have been the same without her there for at least part of it! I was thrilled Ryan was willing to accommodate us.

After he left we played a couple of games with Skittles. 'I Never' was more fun then first game. Torta and Kas won that one! Imagine that since they are the youngest! ;)
As far as Flower, forget the game, she just had a good time eating the candy!

After the game we all went to see Hairspray at the theater.
I LOVED IT! I haven't laughed out loud that much in a theater in a long time. It was so well done and the cast was excellent. I will definitely own this one. Flower was just as amused. As many of you are aware by now, she loves to sing and dance. She ended up standing up in front of me, hanging on the seat in front of her, mimicking all the dance moves she was seeing on screen. I wish I'd have had the camera. It was too stinkin' cute!

It was really a fun night and just what I needed.
I love you ladies like a fat kid loves cake! :0)

For more photos of the night check out Amanda's blog here!

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