Thursday, June 30, 2011

june wrap-up

6.4-orchard was closed off for a standoff so after i went to the bank for work and went and checked it out. pretty exciting!

6.5-this was the last sunday i had cute little jack in my class. he moved. :( next year i'll get two jack's in though!
6.6-dress-upriver wanted to take my photo

6.9-helping carol move the contents out of her daughters home. i was so impressed with the guys that showed up to help at the last minute!6.11-my new necklace holder and art work6.12-sweet baby blueloving my natural curl. leave the house with it wet and it ends up like this!6.20-cute girls watching tv together
more fat lip photos. silly girl refused to look at the camera.

6.23-licking the spoon after i made yogurt parfaits

6.25-ellektra spent the night and the girls loved playing together!
6.26-falling asleep after church

stopped by sandee's to help her hand new curtains and also took a photo of the flower's i sent her earlier in the month.

well that finally wraps up june. my computer was getting slower and slower which is why i'm so far behind. it takes a few hours just to process photos and upload them for ONE blog post! finally at the end of august my laptop wouldn't even start. after having jer look at it he was able to get it to start by fixing the startup disc but then it would freeze up on me and we discovered i was in dire need of more RAM. just as i was prepared to buy more lynnette told me her sister was thinking of seller hers. we worked out a deal. then a friend was selling their laptop and so i bought it. yay! i cannot even begin to tell you how excited i am. processing photos and blogging is very therapeutic for me. i also realize now that i have a normal running computer how inefficient mine was. last night i processed and uploaded about 400 photos in the same time it would take me to do about 25-50 before. yikes. AND i can process photos AND be on the internet at the same time now. :) whoa. life is good and i'm back.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

dinner at the mullin's

on june 28th we were invited over to the mullin's new place to have dinner and let the kids play. we had yummy food, enjoyed good company and the girls had a ball playing with all the other kids!

Monday, June 27, 2011


river put her bathing suit on backward and thought this would be a totally acceptable way to spend the day at the pool. :)
love her!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

church on simplot hill

i normally have just one kid in my class, avery. this sunday i got there and found out a teacher didn't show so i took on a few boys. when we got to class and i saw the way they were bouncing off the walls i knew we needed to go outside. i took them out and told them to start climbing the hill. they needed to burn some energy!
the view from the top.

by the time they all reached the top they were tired and just laid there while i gave the lesson. it was perfect.
after the lesson we then explored and i let them roll and run down the hills.

this is my idea of church!

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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