Monday, December 31, 2007

Thanks for the brownie mix!

On his way home from picking up Flower after church, KG picked up our niece Kassidee for a sleepover. KG went to bed when they got home and Flower went down for a nap. Kas and I played a couple games waiting for Flower to wake.

Once she woke up I made us popcorn and we played another game. We watched some Christmas cartoons one last time to clear out the Tivo.
We then made brownies from a mix that we received from Jerrykris. It was fun but of course turned into a fight about who gets to do what! But they both helped and had fun.

They jumped and played and general drove me nuts! :)

They deffinitely got along better last night. By today, they were driving me bonkers! She would baby Flower thinking Flower couldn't do anything on her own and talk to her in a baby voice. Flower wouldn't share a damn thing so she was constantly yelling, "mine!" "you knock it off!" "it's my turn!" Whatever one had, the other wanted and neither of them wanted to share. Between the baby talk from one and the screaming from the other, I wanted to knock their damn heads together!
I was thrilled when my sister called and suggested we meet at Olive Garden for lunch and then she would take Kas from there. Brilliant! Never mind that we all just ate breakfast! Especially considering my original plan was to drop her off on our way to our New Year's Eve party tonight. Egads! I don't think I would have lasted the whole day.

Anyway, We enjoyed lunch and I did enjoy my time alone with Kas playing games. I'm sure eventually those two will get along better! It's just the age.
This makes me grateful I only have one child right now! It would be different if I could send them into Flower's room to play but then they'd wake up KG. Having them under foot for that many hours is just too much!
Flower is now tucked away in bed for a nap and KG and I are going to cuddle up and watch the Nanny Diaries. Ah....peace and quiet! :)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

December glad list

Here's the list I made each day of the things that make me happy.
  1. lunch with good friends
  2. planning game nights
  3. photos
  4. blogs
  5. shopping online
  6. eating out
  7. delivery
  8. mail
  9. new clothes
  10. ornament exchange with KG
  11. take-out
  12. independent art
  13. handmade gifts
  14. decorating
  15. prayer
  16. patriarchal blessing
  17. games
  18. Christmas tree
  19. nativity scenes
  20. joy
  21. our jobs
  22. sex
  23. advent calendars
  24. the color orange
  25. traditions
  26. Christmas morning
  27. candy canes
  28. naps with Flower
  29. overnight gaming
  30. laughing buddies at church
  31. only having one child!

over-nights for everyone!

Flower had her first sleepover this weekend! KG and I had an overnight board game party planned with the Goodsell's. Our stipulation was anyone could come but no children under 18 were allowed! We had agreed, when Flower came home, that there would be no sleeping away from us until she's been home for a year. We're only one month shy and she is doing incredibly well so we took a chance. It think it was harder on us then it was on her! We took her to KG's parents on Friday night about 6:30. She was so excited (and so were they)! I got choked up as we drove away. She stayed there Friday, the game night, and then Saturday so we could catch up on our sleep. We would not have been effective parents running on no sleep! Plus it gave his parents an opportunity to take her to church and show off their newest adorable grandchild! :)

Our game night was a huge success! When we arrived a game of Imaginiff was already started. Then we played Hubbub, Dirty Minds, Reminisce, Times to Remember, Catch Phrase and Buzz Word. After all those games it was around 1:00 am. We were all sick of the junk food and sugary snacks we had been munching on all night so Lisa, Rhonda and Kristy made a run to Walmart for some pizza.
The rest of us played a hilarious game of Quelf! That game has some of the most unusual tasks! All of the following photos are from that game. So stinkin' funny!

In the above left photo it shows Eric playing the 'air' piano. He received a rule card that every time a '1' was rolled he had to play the air piano for the duration of that players turn. In the above right photo it shows Bill and Sara. He received a rule card that he had to do Golf Commentary throughout Sara's turn. Wow was that annoying! The last photo shows that one of John's rule cards required him to wear a bike helmet for the remainder of the game!

Notice KG's shirt and hand covering his mouth and nose in the above left photo? That was a common scene for everyone throughout the night as John and Bill killed us with their gas! The photo next to that of Eric laughing so hard was because of a rule card he received in the game. Every time someone laughed he had to slap his knee and say Waka waka waka. Well that was so funny that it only made me laugh more but I didn't know why he was doing it. Let me tell you, as much as I laugh, he was hating this game! :)

Cliff was unamused by his rule card that he had to have his elbow on the game board for the remainder of the game!
I think the funniest rule was that every time the phone or doorbell rang we all had to jump up, throw our hands in the air and yell 'pizza party'. Super fun game! :) If you come across it, I highly recommend it!
By this time we were down to the core group and most of us were starting to get tired. The energy was fading.

Rhonda escaped to one of the beds.

The remainder of us played Spy Alley, then John escaped to a bed.

We then play Smart Ass which was pretty fun. After that Eric joined his wife Rhonda in bed.

The four remaining die hards (Lisa, KG, Kristy, and I) then played Pile It, China, and Size Matters.

By then it was morning and John rejoined us after 3 hours of sleep.
We all played Redneck Life. I kept dosing off during that game when it wasn't my turn. This next lovely photo of me asleep with my chin on the table was taken during that game. Apparently it was good for me though because I kicked their trash and won the game!

By then, 10:00 am, we were all hungry and those of us that hadn't slept were on the brink of delirium so we opted to go to breakfast at IHOP.

The core group of John and Lisa, Rhonda and Eric, Kristy, & KG and I were there the entire time.
Mitch, Bill and Sara, Dennis and his wife, Phil and Courtney, Jenn and Cliff, Kent, & Cameron and his girlfriend came and went at different times throughout the night as well. There were stacks of games every where and it was so much fun! We plan to make it an annual thing. We all love to play games and we usually give each other games for Christmas so it's a nice opportunity to break out all the the new games. It was so incredible to make it through an entire game, even several, without having to take a child to the potty, get them something to eat, have them hovering around us or hear them whining and tattling on one another! It was so nice to be with good friends having a good time! I can hardly wait till next year.
We got home around 12:30 pm and KG & John went to see National Treasure. I fell asleep on the sofa by 1:30 pm. KG got home at 3:30 and we went to bed, not waking up till 8:00 this morning (Sunday)! He went to get Flower after church. Church just wasn't the same without her! She has such a good time at her grandparents and boy did we miss her!

Let's kick it.

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