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Company Christmas Party 2015

We had an amazing Christmas Party! Lynnette took us all to Garden Valley to go sledding at Idaho X Sports. We had a blast!
The girls and I are ready to get this party started on the sledding hill!
I love my man!

Tristan and Flower
Hanna, Garrett, Tex
River, Flower, Angee
Flower, Angee, River, KG

Chris and Aodhan
Flower on the tow line
River, Angee, Josh, Nolan, Tex, Hanna waiting in line to be towed.
Josh and Nolan
Illiana, Moon, Aodhan
Our first train! The trains were my favorite part!
Tex, Tristan, River, Angee, Flower, Josh, Nolan, Hanna, Garrett, Sienna, Illiana, KG, Catrina, Ricardo

Lynnette and Tex
Catrina, Ricardo, Wyatt

River, Angee, KG, Flower
Chris, Angee, Aodhan, Sienna, Garrett
Lynnette and Angee(caught off guard ;).)
Gisela, Addison, Husband, Cohen

Lynnette, Tex, Tristan, Hanna, Garrett
Warming up around the fire after 2 hours of sledding!
Sledding is done! Such a fun time. Notice the hug I'm giving to Ricardo. We had just wrestled because I shoved snow down the neck of his shirt and he used his ninja skills to take me down! It was hilarious and fun.
After all that fun sledding we drove to Crouch to have dinner at Two Rivers Grill. It was delicious.
 Elijah and Chris
Catrina and Wyatt
Tristan, Flower, Sienna, Aodhan, River
Lynnette got a gift for each child.

The adults had a gift exchange.

I was the only one to steal and I took it from Tex. :)

It was a perfect day! Thanks Lynnette for always planning such fun activities and for your kindness and generosity. And thanks for letting me steal all your photos! ;)

Let's kick it.

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