Thursday, July 31, 2008


Really? Seriously? Are you kidding me right now? Cory who?
When we got home from our fun evening we made of the mistake of getting the mail only to find a Subpoena waiting for me. RUDE!
It took me forever to figure out who the Defendant was! Then it all came flooding back to me. Apartment 504. My absolute nightmare apartment the final 6 months of my job at Parklane! Remember this post clear back on January 4th? If not, I suggest clicking on the link and reading it. I just read it again and laughed. But now it's not so funny. Now that I actually have to waste my time, on August 27th at 8:30 in the freaking morning!!!, to go testify against this total waste to society! Especially since it should be 'girl who doesn't live there' who's ass should be in jail. Oh if I saw her right now I'd bitch slap her. The whole situation is so irritating. Parklane continues to haunt me!
After I'd taken it all in, I called my previous gaybor, Danny, to see if he'd received one as well. Indeed he had. We bitched and moaned together for a bit. I can say I'm very grateful he'll be there with me. I don't even want to think about how dreadful it would be to be sitting there alone with creep face staring at me because he's pissed I called the cops wayyyy back in January!
Oh how thankful I am that I am wordy and put every damn detail of that night in that blog because I remembered non of it! It will help so much when I have to go testify. So all you who make fun of me because I take a long story and make it longer....HA! It worked to my advantage!
Now I'm going to go watch The Mole with my hunny buns who has the night off.

Another fun filled day!

This morning I didn't wake up until almost 10:15. I was asleep by 12:15 last night. That is 10 hours! Wow. Flower slept almost 12 hours, not waking until almost 11. Crazy and oh so nice. At 12:30 we went to the Ann Morrison park. Lynnette bought Tammy, Flower and I lunch which she picked up at Blimpie and brought to the park. We enjoyed our conversation and meal by the beautiful fountain.

She wanted to touch the water so bad but didn't want to get wet! That was wise since we had a long day ahead of us without a change of clothes.

Flower was fascinated with this tree and told us she saw a face.
Tammy is one of the few people I miss working with at Parklane.
After lunch we went to feed the ducks and geese with some bread I brought along. This was Flower's first time and she was an old pro.
I love that I caught the goose with its swings spread while getting out of the water.

This one got a feather stuck in it's beak after eating a piece of bread off another's back. Serves him right! :)
It's hard to see but I caught a little drip of water falling from this beautiful ducks bill. If you click on the photo to make it full size you can see it easily.
Flower was totally unphased by the geese and ducks surrounding her and had no problem letting them eat from her hand!

Check out how glaringly white that duck is!
Flower had so much fun chasing the geese!

I helped Flower pick acorns from the tree.
She shared them with Lynnette.

It was really nice outside and we had a great time. Thanks Lynnette!
Right as I was leaving the park Grandma Hunter called and asked if I could pick up KG's cousins, Katie and Topher, to come swimming. They are in town visiting their dad and bored stiff. So I happily obliged and went and picked them up. KG met us at the clubhouse with Flower's swimsuit and they swam while I worked.

By the time I got outside with the camera Katie and Topher were already done.
Since they were already over, we included them in our plans for the night. The girls dropped the boys off at Fudruckers to eat while we got something quick through the drive thru of Carl's Junior and headed downtown to The Egyptian Theater. KG and Topher went to see Hellboy with Gregg and Spencer. Katie, Flower and I went to see Mamma Mia again with my mom, Sandee, Kass, and Kris. I liked it even more the second time around and was shocked at how many things I missed the first time that were so funny. That, in turn, made parts of the movie make more sense. Go figure.
After the movie we went back to Edwards to get the two boys and then took Katie and Topher back to Grandma's. I'm so glad they came along!
On the way home I taught Flower the song, 'There was a farmer had a dog and BINGO was his name oh" and KG soon joined me. Well, clapping is a MUST in this song! Even at the expense of me almost running us off the rode. :) Good times.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So much fun today!

Our day started early! We went to breakfast at Jim's. It's been too long and I really wanted to see Joni and catch her up on the happenings of our life. Kris met us there and it was really fun and I think I stayed longer then I ever have before. Joni was as crazy as ever! She always gives Flower quarters to get a plastic egg filled with a toy from the machine. It wasn't working. Well, Joni took care of that! She shook it and then hit it and it shattered! Oops. It was funny and she surprised herself. Yikes.
Breakfast was yummy as usual. It's the ONLY place I will eat French toast!
Then we went to Kris' house. I have been wanting to watch Pete's Dragon with Flower. I got it from my mom and then took it over there to utilize the VCR. Flower loved it!
She was glued! Her mouth hung open for the better part of the hour. And the fact that she was so entertained that she was forgetting about her beloved M&M's was a shock! She talks about those M&M's all the way up the hill to their house. They are very important to her. And since she knows two Kris', this one is distinctly known as M&M's Kris, which Flower made up herself to keep them straight. (The other one is Ice Cream Chis because he lived above an ice cream shop. silly kid!)

I love her little hands! As she watched they became tighter and tighter. She finally realized I had been taking photos of her and looked at me so sweetly. :)
Before we left Kris saved the day and sewed a new button on Flower's skirt. She got to pick out the button! She made me take a photo! We only watched about an hour of the movie before we were on our way to our next adventure.
We went to Elm Grove Park. We didn't take advantage of the free lunch since we ate breakfast late. However, we both had fun playing with our friends! I enjoyed the company of Sara and Audie. Flower played with Jovie, Madeline and Sydney.
Sydney took such good care of her and was pushing her and Madeline on the swings.

Sweet Oakley and her cute Mamma.They wore Flower out because she fell asleep as soon as we got home!
Later when we were at the clubhouse we played in the puddles in the gutter. :)

There was also some running through the sprinklers after that. So much fun! It required new, dry outfits. We did this while KG was 'fixing' the clubhouse computers. Not sure how long they can be fixed since total morons use them!
Then I went on a bike ride(with the bike I just borrowed from my mom...thanks mom!) and picked up our dinner. Man I need to do that more. It whooped my ass. My fanny hurt so bad! I also made the mistake of going on an empty stomach and didn't take any water. It was now almost 8:00 and I hadn't eaten since breakfast except an apple. By the time I got to the restaurant I was red faced and begging for water. I drank two full glasses. I pretty much wanted nothing to do with the food by the time I got home and was on the verge of puking for the next hour and fighting the shakes. Nice. Can hardly wait to get back on tomorrow! :) I actually do really like to ride a bike. It just takes a bit for your butt to forgive you and get used to the seat. Consistency will be key for that to happen! I enjoyed watching I Survived A Japanese Game Show with KG and Flower before she went to bed and he went to work. It's still funny!
I'm really excited about my Thursday and hope yours is wonderful. Now I'm off to watch the finale of the Baby Borrows and then Project Runway!! Love that show!

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