Friday, May 6, 2011

rocket party and school carnival

on may 6th flower had a rocket party at school. there was 6 different stations all with a rocket theme. i volunteered and was in charge of the rocket launch station. i had such a good time. i can only imagine how much fun it would have been as a kid.
here they are receiving their instructions.
this was the foam rocket launch station.

this was the relay station. they were 'in training' to become astronauts!
they made spaceships at another station.
they made rocket chalk at another station and then drew all over the side walk.
there were ding dong rockets. this was the station they each got to eat a ding dong and have some water to refuel them for the other stations.

there was also a station where they were launching rockets with alkaseltzer.
it was all well organized and very fun!

that night we went back to the school for the carnival. we tagged along with monkey and the boys. we had so much fun goofing around.
the girls went fishing.

flower got a rubber horse.
and river got gum. she is so obsessed with gum!
love river's constant little bum crack showing!

the girls played plinko

we(the adults and the girls) did the cake walk several times. we were bound and determined to win some cinnamon rolls. we'd have every number covered by us except one or two and still lose. finally we gathered all the children and covered all numbers and john won. i ran over and grabbed the rolls before john could and then we all shared them. it was fun and they were delicious!

mmmm, sticky hands!
and here is where river pee'd her pants while climbing the ladder and the night was over. :)
a very fun day indeed!

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