Monday, May 31, 2010


5.1-kg brought home a beautiful plant to ring in the new month
5.1-flower got to go to isaac's birthday party. she had a blast. river and i enjoyed some alone time.
5.3-we stopped by an apartment that our carpet cleaner, josh, was in and he let flower help him. she thought that was neat.
5.4-happy birthday erik!
5.5-happy birthday justin!
5.5-my mom took the girls for the day. that was such a huge help! i got more work done than usual without them there and it was so much less stressful. i wish she lived closer and we could afford to pay her enough money that she could watch them everyday and not need to look for a job! they had so much fun with grandma! they also met grandpa for lunch and got to play on the toys at mcdonald's. thanks mom.
5.6-flower and i went to lunch with kristen. i am so grateful to have her as a best friend. we've been friends for 27 years!!! awesome. later flower got to sit in a firetruck and i got the scowl of a lifetime from river! love her face.

that night we made stepping stones for river to give our mom's for mother's day.
5.8-sandee watched the girls so i could work. they went to spencer's game and played with grandma and grandpa and had a great time. thanks for the help sand!
kg played frisbee golf that morning with the elder's quorum and then he went and helped someone move into the ward.
5.11-kg took flower on a date. they went to chow chow's for dinner and then to a movie, percy jackson and the lightning thief.
5.12-on our way to and from work river loves to stop and pick up every pine cone she sees. i'm amazed at how many her little hands can hold, usually four or five.
5.14-my mom watched the girls again for me. such a huge help!
5.17-flower and i made cookies to take to matt for making it to state in golf! good job matt.
5.20-on the way to work lisa was driving by so she gave the girls a ride in her bike basket. they love this!
on the way home after work they kept stopping to sit on the curb and enjoy their surroundings.
5.21-we went on a family date. first to cobby's for dinner and to diary of a wimpy kid at the dollar theater with kristen and cameron. very cute show. daddy put a pretty flower in flower's hair on our walk to the theater.
5.22-we went to alice in wonderland at the dollar theater with john and the boys and sandee and kas. i like the original much better!
5.25-i love moments like this when i catch them reading together.
5.26-flower road a two wheel bike with training wheels for the first time. river also road the big wheel for the first time. they both absolutely love riding their bikes.

5.27-when we got home from work the sprinklers were on and there were several broken ones so it quickly attracted the girls. i let them go ahead and get soaked. they loved it.

5.30-we went to dinner with jer and kris as bangkok thai. flower showed them how well she could ride her bike. earlier that day river drank a couple of ounces of room spray. i called poison control and they said to watch for vomiting. that evening, in the span of the hour before and after dinner, she puked 5 times. kind of scrary. sandee and family came to get in the hot tub so we sent flower down and then she spent the night with them just in case we had to take river to the emergency room. thankfully, with the help of a priesthood blessing by kg, she was healthy and slept all night with no more puking.

it was a busy month and i have a feeling things aren't going to slow down in june! and i'm still waiting for it to warm up around here. however, my pocket book is enjoying that the electric bill is remaining low since we haven't had to use heat or air for quite some time. i just wish it would stop raining!

memorial day

we had a really great day. i was able to start it off with a nice long soak in the tub while reading my book. kg and river went to get flower from sandee's house because she spent the night. they then picked up a pizza and then got me and we all headed to the park. we met uncle monkey and the boys. we decided rain or shine we were going to enjoy the park and enjoy being outside.

the kids rode their bikes and has so much fun. as you can see by the ground, we definitely got rained on but we didn't care!

it's hard to tell but kg pushed her really fast. the only evidence is in her face! i love that her mouth is plastered back. she's been having so much fun on the big wheel. and she goes fast even though she can't reach the peddles.
flower is still a bit nervous on her bike when it comes to going up or down hills so she walks. :)

isaac is a spitting image of his grandad, lisa's father.

after that we decided that ice cream was in order. off to baskin robbins!

daiquiri ice for our family of course!

we went across the street to burlington to browse around and get ourselves in trouble. ;)
then we went home for naps.
that night we went to their house and had dinner with lisa before she went to work. then we had strawberry shortcake for dessert and played payday. it was the perfect ending to an extended weekend!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

fun filled family day

saturday was nothing short of perfect. it was filled with family time which is what i wanted. i was expecting to work but lynnette surprised me earlier in the week and said we'd be closed. i was so thrilled that i'd have a three day weekend! we enjoyed every minute of it!
saturday morning we started off by working together and getting some of the house cleaned.
then we went downtown to the saturday market. we enjoyed walking around and sampling yummy stuff. we bought some really yummy pine nut brittle that we saved for dessert after lunch at the park. yum!
we also took some photos of course.

i really wanted to take a photo of the girls on this bench. it's been 18 months since the last time i captured them here. :)
flashback::11.28.2008-my my how they've changed!
right now, at 3.5 years apart, river is 35 inches tall and flower is 41 inches tall.

after the market we got hot dogs from a vendor and drove to the park to eat.
we then went home to rest. we put river down for a nap and then the three of us played sorry!, which flower won, and then watched 'the spy next door'. very cute movie.
finally river woke up and we walked to the mall. flower wanted to wear her crown from kathy and river had grabbed this nylon sock and asked kg to put it on like a hat. too funny.
the reason for our walk to the mall was to find kg a new pair of sandals. his birkenstocks broke so we were looking for an early father's day gift. we were successful. after trying on several pair he settled on these chacos:
then we got some daiquiri ice.
finally the girls played on the toys.

and then we headed for home.
it was a really beautiful walk. we made a quick stop for some fruits and veggies at the corner market before finally going home.
a bubble bath was in order before bedtime.
like i said...perfect.

Let's kick it.

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