Friday, August 31, 2007


Flower is constantly singing. I mean all day long! At the top of her lungs! I have tried numerous times to get it on video and every time she sees the camera she stops singing and instead starts saying cheese obnoxiously over and over and over again!

Well I finally got it! :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fresh out of the bath..

and what does she put on? Her headband and hat!

We're on day 3 of this little obsession. I think it's cute.

Trend setter?

Here is Flower's style at it's best! She has insisted on wearing the colorful striped headband AND the hat at all times today, starting last night. That includes bed time, nap time, and any other activity that it completely gets in her way, but she doesn't care!
Then the pink pants with flowers and butterflies coupled with the blue Nemo shirt. Oy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


this is what Flower calls KG. He doesn't like it and here's why: she is with me so much throughout the day she gets used to saying mommy. So every time she calls for him now she starts saying mommy and realizes half way through and corrects herself to daddy and therefore it comes out Moddy. I think it's cute! And hey, Demi Moore's kids call Ashton MOD which stands for My Other Dad. So she's just being trendy. :)


ME: what honey?
FLOWER: snake.
ME: snake?
FLOWER: yeah[excitedly shaking her head]
ME: where's a snake?[mind you we're in our living room]
FLOWER:over there! [pointing to the corner]
ME: there is not a snake over there! and how do you know that word?
FLOWER:snake! [getting frustrated now]
ME:i don't see a snake!
FLOWER: kitchen in a snake
ME:[as a light bulb goes off] ah! snack?
FlOWER: yeah snack![laughing wildly]
ME: you want a snack? are you hungry?
FlOWER: yay![clapping and smiling] hungry. Good Job!

That was my afternoon conversation. And I even got a sweet little 'good job' for deciphering her language. I feel like I need a sticker on my progress page. It's a good thing she has word association down or I'd have been stumped all day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Flower counts to ten

More videos

KG recorded Flower climbing and sliding. I thought this was a cool view of her landing.

Flower playing with Papa but then she gets distracted by a bug she saw like an hour before!

Flower sees herself in the screen of the camera and says, "Hi!"

Monday, August 27, 2007

Belated Birthday celebration

KG and I both celebrated our birthday this month. Our families had asked when we were going to get together and with the month being so crazy, and since we were going to be seeing them at the reunion, we said it really wasn't a big deal to us to get together. Besides, cards cost so much money to me, although my family is excellent at getting ones that are good for a laugh, and we don't like cake anyway.

So my mom called me last week and asked if she could at least make us dinner. We obliged at the expense of going to church. Since KG gets off at 7:30 am, he goes to church and then comes home and sleeps till 7 or 8. If he has worked Saturday night and has to work Sunday night then Sunday gatherings don't work. Anyway, enough rambling.
Apparently my dad was ready for the night to be over before it even got started! ;)

My mom figured if KG was willing to skip church and come over then she'd invite all my siblings so it was some what of a surprise party for us. We were the only dinner guests and my mom made her yummy meat loaf. Everyone else showed up about 40 minutes later. It was nice to get together.

And I'll admit, it does make me feel good that is was important enough for them to be sneaky about it! :) Plus I got some super cute photos of my current favorite niece. ;)
The photos and videos are a few of my favorite from the evening.

It was such a beautiful day. We ate dinner outside and hung out in the back yard the whole time.

Does this help a sore mouth?

This is how I found Flower last night...She had a rough time falling asleep since her gums were hurting so bad. I ended up letting her get out of bed to cuddle with me for a couple hours and then put her back in bed about 12:30 am. She screamed so loud, while banging on the door, and of course screaming 'momma' that I was sure people thought I was beating her because I could hear people in the hallway! NICE! You can hear everything when you're standing in the hallways of the building. I let her cry for a bit to wear herself out and then went and gave her some Tylenol and some hugs and then she whimpered herself to sleep. When I went to bed she had her face completely covered by the hat. I'm not sure if it was the Tylenol or the hat that finally did it but whatever works! :)


Boy they're fun aren't they?! Flower is getting both her bottom, 2 year molars right now. At least we have an explanation for her highness' crankiness. Poor thing.

Today she's had a fever and just not herself.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Poetry Sunday

I have written poetry for a long time as a way to get out thoughts and feelings. Most people don't know this because I usually don't share them, especially because they are usually about someone. I'm in the mood to share so here are some I've written lately. If you can name whom each one is for, perhaps you'll get a prize.


I thought you'd always be there,
to stand the test of time.
But just as I had feared,
this new trial was too much.

You begged me for the truth
to see if you could help.
And when I shared what happened
things haven't been the same.

I feared you'd be disgusted
with the things I've had to deal,
So to avoid from being hurt
I unfairly tested you.

I said some awful things
to try and push you away.
You really don't deserve it
but it seemed easier to hide.

Now that it's happened
a piece of me is gone.

I'm unsure of how to fix it
but hope you will forgive.

We don't always agree,

but we seem to make it through.
Even through disappointment,
comfort could always be found.

Even though I pushed
I'd always hoped you stay.
I'll move forward now with caution
both in action and in words.

I guess I expected more
and took advantage of our trust
I'd thought you understand
where my hurt was coming from.

Although I got what I deserve,
I understand your disappointment.
I'd hope your doubt and questions
could be asked with warm embrace.

With an understanding ear,
You've offered so much comfort,
with sadness in my heart
I hope it's not the end.



Is this supposed to teach me
something lasting and profound?
Or is this just a punishment
for lack of faith and action.

Sometimes life throws us for loop,
handing down these challenges
that seem to make us question
those things we know are true.

But then I often wonder
if the questions did exist
before these struggles started
only now they're amplified.

Did these questions lead us
to the struggles which we deal?
Or do the challenges of life
makes us question all we know.

If we had been doing all
the things we know we should,
And living without questions
would these struggles still exist ?

Are we given challenges and trials,
as a test for us to question?
Will that help us know the truth,
in hopes of strengthening our faith?

That seems a risky move
for so many will not pass.
It's easy to get stuck
on the woes we feel inside.

This causes us to blame ourselves
and wonder if we're worthy
for the blessings and the truth
that wait for us beyond.

Do our questions and doubt
and lack of commitment,
cause the struggles in our lives
that bring us pain and sorrow?

Or do the struggles we are served
bring the questions and the doubt
in an attempt to make us strong
and recommit our faith.

I still have not concluded
which one of these comes first.
Please help me understand
the way things aught to work.

An Unlikely Friend

Someone I thought I'd simply train,
soon became an unlikely friend.
Someone I can highly trust,
A constant shoulder you did lend.

With what we deal with from day to day,
you were a place where I could vent.
Sharing the secret disdain
for people and rules that came and went.

Through trusting I've noticed just how great,
my friendship with you has turned out.
It's nice to know that at work,
there's someone to count on with no doubt.

But alas what I cherish the most,
is what has developed outside.
How lucky am I to lean on,
someone I can truly confide.

You've lent your ear to happy and sad,
giving advice along the way.
You've shared in my excitement,
and tried to understand my dismay.

I so appreciate all you've done,
and for sharing your life with me.
I deeply cherish the friendship
I've found in you and hope you in me.


friendship of meaning

a best friend, a brother
no one in the world such as you.
i have been blessed with this,
a tremendously unique friendship.
no one knows my thoughts as you,
therefore nothing gets past.
you help me to be better,
a mother, wife and friend.
if not for your encouragement,
i'd given up long ago.
you're my soft place to fall,
with all concerns of life.
your my shove back to reality,
cheering for me all the while.
i count my blessings everyday,
for the impact you've had.
no one in the world such as you,
my best friend, my brother.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

NO! Just a little bit!

Is what Flower yelled at me, emphasizing her point by showing me a small amount with her index finger and thumb. What prompted this reply you ask? Well let me tell you. Be's about the potty.
She was sitting on her potty and, by the faces she was making, was working hard at going poop. However, in a split second she was lifting herself up a bit and saying 'all done please'. I said, "try to push some more to make sure you're done". That's when she yelled the line above, very sternly I might add, while she's shaking her fingers at me. I just started to laugh and then told her to sit down and wait. She has made it a habit to stand as soon as she's done so we're trying to teach her to stay seated until she's wiped. She wouldn't sit down all the way though and as I went over to her, I soon saw why. In that one hard push that I didn't think would do the job, she had filled her potty to the point that it was touching her leg. Um, gross! That's why she was leaning/standing/looking so uncomfortable. I can hardly blame her! she apparently got her signs mixed up and should have said, "a whole bunch" with arms spread wide! Ah, what can I say...Way to do the duty kid! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Perhaps I sounded like this as a baby?

Anyone who has been around me in a laughing fit knows I need my inhaler close by! I pretty much have an asthma attack every time I have a good laugh. Well, it sounds very similar to this baby's little smoker laugh! And yes, this caused me to use my inhaler. This is the funniest damn baby I've ever heard!

Monday, August 20, 2007

First sitter/Date night!

We were invited to our friends house for a Japanese dinner. We were told that Flower was welcome because they knew we hadn't left her with a sitter yet, but all the other kids wouldn't be there. We decided since we'd been home for 6 months, it was time. We know that so many want to spend time with her so we decided whoever answered their phone first would be the one who has the honors of being the first sitter. First we called KG's parents on their home and cell phone. No answer. Then we tried my parents home. No answer. Next was my sister. She answered and was ecstatic. I think it was harder on me. When we dropped her off and went to leave, Flower looked as though she was going to cry so my sister held her but I wanted to cry.

Here we are pulling up to my sisters, then walking her in the house, then saying good-bye.
I was turning over my trust for the first time!

We moseyed on over to our friends house and had a fabulous time. The food was great but I have to say, the company was better! They had invited another gal that we'd never met before and she was awesome. She is one of those kind of people that you immediately feel comfortable around. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. (actually, that's not true. Chris and Brad from work had me laughing so hard at the office earlier that day that my asthmatic lungs gave my boss reason for concern.) Anyhow, that made it even more fun that night because my lungs were already worn out so I sounded like a damn hyena. Oh well. We played killer bunnies and just had a great time! It's a good sign when you leave an event with a headache caused by laughter from all the blood trapped in your head right?

I called my sister once throughout the evening to check on Flower and my sister had a great story. She had taken her two kids and Flower to the park. When they returned she put Flower on the potty since she had undies on. She didn't go. My sister then starts making dinner and Flower comes in about 10 minutes later and says, "candy?" My sister says, "Do you need to go potty? You only get candy for going potty." "pee and poopoo!!", says Flower. So my sister runs her into the bathroom to discover some business already in the toilet that her kids were not claiming. She pulls down Flowers pants and undies and sure enough, it was Flower! She had climbed up there, done her business, climbed down(how she managed to not smear it all over the toilet I will never know!), pulled up her undies and pants and went to demand her reward! I am so proud of her! She's never done that for us! My poor sister on the other hand had to get her in the tub. When Flower pulled up her undies, it clung on and smeared it up her back. Lovely! I haven't even had to deal with that! Meanwhile, the dinner that my sister had begun to prepare was now burnt. Sisters are great aren't they?! :) Anyhow, she did great over there although she did ask where mommy and daddy were several times! :) I'm glad she didn't cry but she did miss us and was so excited when we walked through the door to pick her up.
So we all made it through this little milestone! Thanks Sandee and our friends for helping us out!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

She's a 'yes man'

They learn so young to be a smart alack!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Sunday Bulletin

I am currently holding my most favorite church calling to date. When I was asked to do the bulletin my first thought was, "why me? isn't that something that the old ladies usually do?" Well, I am loving it! We got a new Bishop and he extended the call with the plea of spicing it up with the hopes of waking the ward up! He is allowing me to use color and special papers. I add a small picture to every announcement. I also do a newsletter each fast Sunday which includes the birthdays of the entire ward for the coming month, a calendar of events for the coming month, a calendar of historical events that occurred in that month, quotes from prophets, poems, etc. and a game section on the back for the kids. It's been really fun and I've enjoyed a calling that truly allows me to use my creativity. A couple of weeks ago I took Flower with me to the church to make copies and I had the best time having her there to help! It was the August Fast Sunday so I would fold the bulletin and the newsletter and let her slip the newsletter inside and then make stacks. It was one of those moments that made my heart flutter and melt. She was trying so hard to make sure they were just perfect!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Three Days...

...of wearing undies for Flower and only one accident! Yay! She's even made it through three afternoon naps! We had to change things up a bit. She was doing quite well at home but not so well in public which is understandable. We were thrilled when, at our Madison reunion in Glen's Ferry, she went all day, with all the excitement around, with no accidents. Imagine our surprise when, the second we walked in the door, she stood there and pee'd her pants. Arrgg. She had just gone 40 minutes before! Ever since then she has struggled and it's more work for us so admittedly, we got lazy. Well, this week I decided to try something new. As much as I hate to use candy as a reward, I'm going to do what works! This little box of
has done the trick! The girl loves candy! Now she only gets candy, of any kind, after she's gone potty in the toilet. We have it sitting near her potty so she'll look up and see it throughout the day and ask for some and then we remind her it's only after potty. She then will sit down and go. She gets one Sugar Baby when we ask her to sit and two when she sits on her own. It's working great so far! Thankfully we've had the poop thing down for about 4 months, she just has difficulty realizing, before it's too late, that she has to pee. She also still wears diapers at night. Yesterday we attempted to put the ring of her potty on the big toilet and turn the seat into a stool, one of the ways it can be used. She tried it once but I think for all our sake, we'll keep the potty on the floor for now! I just don't foresee her having enough control to hold it as long as it took her to climb up there and try and keep her balance! :)
Miss Thing has also been wearing lots of dresses because it sure makes a difference if she doesn't have to try to get pants down too!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

We have a hole!

While we were enjoying ourselves in Idaho Falls at our reunion, KG's dad was laboring on our behalf in our apartment. It was an all day project for him on Saturday and we are so grateful for all of his hard work. Here is the hole, viewing from the our old room on the left and our new room on the right.

I can hardly believe the mess this created. There is red dust from the bricks in every crack and crevasse in both those rooms. That stuff stuck to everything! Plus there are huge piles of it on the floor. His dad vacuumed most of it off the floor in the new room which we very much appreciate.

I am so excited to finally get things organized and give Flower her own space. Hopefully we will have the time to get things back to normal quickly.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Tag! 7 Things!
My sister Amanda tagged me. I will post 7 things about me and then tag 7 other people. I tag KG, Marco, Sara, mom (Laura), Lindy, Sierra, Chelsea

My 7 Things:

1. I am the only one of my siblings that has lived with each of my other siblings as a roommate.
2. I love spring because 60* feels hot unlike the fall when, coming out of summer, 60* is freezing! :)
3. I love hooded's almost an obsession!
4. I also have an obsession with blankets...there are currently three around me(sitting on one, one on my lap and one next to me) even though it's 90* outside.
5. My favorite dates with KG are getting food from a restaurant to go, eating in bed and watching a mutually liked tv show.
6. I love getting mail!
7. I love to shop online-which means I get to look forward to a package for a whole week!


Should you ever regret telling the truth? Well I have several times in the past couple of weeks.

A Regret Gained

There is something to be said about regrets.
About being unable to say the truth. Regret.
Being unable to lie to save you from hurt. Regret.
Being unable to just not say anything at all. Regret.
Being unable to turn back time.
Being unable to really talk.
Being unable to say what I was thinking.
Being unable to say what they wanted to hear.
Regret. Regret. Regret. Regret.

Sometimes things are better left unsaid.
Sometimes people shouldn't be trusted with the truth.
Regret. Regret.

And with regret, I begin mourning a part of me.
And like a bad habit, continue to court regret.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Family Reunion #4

Last weekend we went to our final reunion of the summer. This is the one I look forward to the most! It's the Campbell Reunion and consists of my mom and all her siblings and families. I love being around my mom's family and being at my aunts house. We have so many fun memories there!
We left Boise around 1:00 pm and made stops along the way to gas up and give the bus a rest. Our stop in Burley presented a slight problem. After we gassed it up, it wouldn't start. Luckily we were able to pop the clutch so we weren't worried but we stopped by a Checkers to have the have the battery checked. It was fine which led us to believe it was a problem with the starter. We'd figure it out later. Once we got to Idaho Falls we went straight to my cousin Bobette's for my Brandon's Eagle Court of Honor. I had lots of fun playing with Lorelai while Flower enjoyed my cousin Tanya and her cell phone.

We then went to my Aunt Peggy's for a bon fire and singing. Flower loved my Uncle Dirk's guitar!

We then hooked the bus up to my Aunt's electricity and hit the sack! Flower loved her bed way up high and kept peeking over the edge at us below.

Saturday morning several of the boys in the family went paintballing. My cousin Kevin showed up and informed me that he was going to get our bus up and running before we went home. He thumped on the starter and it started right up so that narrowed down the problem. My other two cousins and my Uncle Bob joined in and pulled out the starter.

The rest of us had fun playing in the yard and getting things ready as the family trickled in.

Everyone was there by 2:00 pm for lunch and homemade rootbeer!

Don't let the cute faces fool you. These two butt heads every since meet in May. They are both strong willed and fight to the end. they kept fighting over the football. My uncles finally gave Jerom a basketball and took it gladly. So we thought. He hurls it at Flower's head and takes his football back. :)

It just kept going back and firth until finally Flower pulled out the biting trick so we had to get involved and she lost the battle. It ws quite the entertainment for the rest of us. :)

Flower just loves my Uncle Garth. We were told numerous times by his children that the feelings were mutual and to watch out cause he just might try to take her home. ;) I loved watching her with all my relatives. A slip and slide was set up and enjoyed by all the kids!

There were several games of horseshoes being played as well. KG got a great shot of this beehive way up in a tree above the horseshoe pit.

While I was napping with Flower, some of the lady's decided to soak the boys playing horseshoes. Well, they couldn't have that so a couple of them grabbed my Aunt Peggy and put her in the kiddie pool!

As the night was winding down we decided to go to dinner with Ryan, Amanda and Lorelai before they headed back to Boise.

KG and Flower then went to my sister's hotel to swim with them while I went to Walmart in search of things we forgot like blankets, we were very cold the night before, a swimming suit for Flower and other bus finds. Unfortunately Walmart was out of everything related to swimming so KG took her in her clothes! :)
Sunday we left around noon and had lunch with our friends Heather and Jake.
We then took the back way home and stopped at Crater's of the Moon. It was fun but gosh I can't stand the wind! After touring the visitors center, KG and Flower hiked this hill.

It was a really pretty area and we had a great time hiking around.

We had a really great time and enjoyed seeing all the family!

Let's kick it.

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