Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Annual Pumpkin Carving!

Wow. Sunday was a really good day. It's the best time I've had at church in a while. I only felt uncomfortable for a tiny second when S arrived and that was it. And not because I avoided her. I didn't. I had a couple of conversations with her and it was fine. I only felt annoyed with a couple of things she did and said but I didn't feel uncomfortable. Granted KG was there but it's progress. I never saw RL so that was nice. So it was calm and I felt peaceful. :) And because we all went to church together and none of us were sick we stayed for all three meetings. Amazing. And nice.
After church was the fun part of the day. We went to the Sturgill's for the neighborhood pumpkin carving gathering. I really wouldn't have changed a thing. I loved every minute of it. I was totally comfortable. Didn't feel my normal socially awkward self and even talked to a couple of new people I had never met. And I felt so warm and welcomed. I was realizing that part of me really misses the neighborhood stuff. We haven't lived in a neighborhood since 2005 but really, I haven't done 'neighborhood' stuff since I left my parents house. We had the best neighborhood. I think that contributes to why I get so excited about being invited to their neighborhood events and why I enjoy myself so much. I wonder how many times I can say neighborhood. :) Anyway, it was a gorgeous day to boot! Really sunny and warm. We ate yummy chili and salads. Lots of kids running around playing. It was perfect.

Nice butt Matt.
KG made a pumpkin that could be worn as a helmit.
I had to try. And this is where I had a little mishap with my glasses. I was dumb enough to set them in the grass to try the pumpkin on and they got stepped on. I spent the rest of the evening with a headache and trying to keep my eyes from crossing because I was looking out of the wrong spot. I felt totally nerdy because they were all wonky and crooked. I did my best to keep them straight but as I was having conversations I would catch people looking at them. They probably thought I was such a dork for wearing mangled, crooked glasses. Because they didn't know they had been stepped on. So I just looked like a dork. I should have worked it and had some drool hanging out and limped a little and talked like I was mentally challenged. Is that mean? Can you tell it made me self conscious? Oh well. Have no fear however,(I know you were worried about my well being) because I took them to my people on Monday and they were fixed better then new...for free. :)
Jerry turned an abnormal pumpkin into this...
...which was cool but then Jean gave him a killer idea. A plane! Is that not awesome? It was my favorite of the night.
This one is mine. I'm the bomb.
This one is Kris'. I love that it looks like a monster with nasty skin.

Jenna's devil was great.
That is what Matt carved out of that huge pumpkin.
KG's helmit.

Audie's polk-a-dots.
One of Jared's pumpkins.

I thought I got a separate photo of Flower's but I guess not. It was cute. KG gave her a marker and let her draw the face and then she carved it. It's in the front, fifth one from the left starting with the pirate one. It has the thin, slightly down turned mouth.

There is so much creativity and talent amongst this group.

Can you see me in her eyes? I love this photo.
Of course the kids had a blast in the Sturg's backyard!

KG does great little flowers.
This is Casey's. This was one of my favorites. It looks like a burn victim. The detail is amazing. He's got skillz and I approve of Jenna's choice in a man! As if my opinion matters. ;)

I have to share this just because it made my week. Jean gave me the best compliment. We were sitting next to each other while we ate and she said, "We have decided you have the best hair here. The cut, the style, the color. It's all great." I'm not sure who 'we' is but even if it's just her it made me very happy. Especially since I was annoyed with my hair earlier because I need a haircut. Jean is my new favorite person. :)
We stayed till about seven. From there we went to a hotel by the airport and picked up my cousins husband to take him grocery shopping. He is in town from Idaho Falls for twenty days doing some job training and doesn't have a vehicle. It was nice to see him and get caught up on their lives.
When we got home we chilled together. Did I mention that KG has lots of days off in a row? Bliss.

Let's kick it.

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