Sunday, October 31, 2010

october was scary :)

10.1-first day of school in october. she requested i take a photo of the outfit she selected for the day. :)
that friday night the girls stayed the night with sandee so kg and i could go to the temple. thanks sandee! kg also made a midnight ice cream run. haven't done that in a long time! loved it. this was the sunset we caught after we had dinner at cracker barrel and on our way to the temple.
10.2-good bye rudy. rudy and flower were in the same kindergarten class and she just moved to idaho falls. her mom drove the girls to and from school everyday. her brother rosco was always along for the ride too! the day she moved kg took them all to carl's junior as a farewell.
i met up with them after work and then dropped rosco and rudy off with their mom. good luck guys! keep in touch!
10.3-conference weekend river came strolling out of the bedroom wearing this little number. she's got the hooker look down pat. we could not stop laughing. too bad the photo sucks but you get the idea. ;)
since i can no longer eat our traditional conference food of either crepes, scones or cinnamon rolls, we started a new tradition and i am hooked! the first photo are the pecans jenn had brought to our girls night. yum.
when kg was buying the pecans he saw a recipe card for a pecan cookie. he made those as well and oh good gracious they were good. i've already made them again. delicious!
that night i made 7 batches of manocotti to be delivered to a few people in my ward and my parents. kris helped me out with it and provided the salad, bread and cookies. it was fun and i look forward to doing this each month.

10.4-i had a free massage at the chiropractor. i met stacy, hilary and kris for lunch at cafe rio. yum! my opinion of that place has changed from our experience in utah. i then gave kris all the manacotti i made because she was going to deliver it all that night. we delivered to my parents and enjoyed a short visit.
10.5--i've passed on my love for pickles t0 the girls. river will carry the whole jar in and say 'pittoz' in the cutest voice. we had pickles for breakfast that morning. :)
then she picked out her whole outfit that day including the cute headband. she also insisted on taking the teddy bear to work. when we walked out the door she said, "pitcher?" i couldn't resist how cute she looked.
that afternoon flower and kg went on a date to see karate kid. they both loved it.
10.6-i had an appointment at the balance center to try and figure out why i'm dizzy all the time.
10.8-I walked in to see them dunking their heads. The moment I snapped the shot river farted and flower promptly said, "can I look at her bumb! I want to see what a fart looks like!" classy girls I've got. :)
10.12-i went to lunch at cafe rio with tammy, marlayna, joelle, debbie and renee. it was a nice break from work. that night we had a power outage from 10:00 pm to 3:00 am. we knew ahead of time so we were prepared and it really wasn't too bad.
10.13-it was a beautiful day so we walked to the school to pick up flower. river was riding on kg's shoulders and started falling asleep with the cutest smile on her face!we saw beautiful flowers.
and played hide and seek on the way home.
eventually i gave her a shoulder ride and she held on to my forehead the whole time.

it was a lovely walk.
10.16-flower went to madelaine's birthday party!
the shirt that river is wearing was her easter dress when she was 5 months old. i love this style because she's worn it as a shirt since it hasn't fit as a dress! it has definitely gotten enough wear for the money!
they also spent the rest of the day with buffalo grandma while i worked. thanks laura!
10.17-happy birthday topher!
river had a cute hair style for church! i was able to do river's and flower's the same for the first time. it's getting longer!
10.19-happy birthday brenda and mandy!
10.20-happy birthday kathy!
10.21-i went to lunch at cafe rio with kris, kathy, brooke, ruth and brenda to celebrate birthdays! i am addicted to their salads.
10.22-i love it when they come and chill out at the office!

10.24-the girls and i went to listen to spencer and kas' primary program. kg picked torta up from soccer and then i took her back for an afternoon game. it was nice to spend a bit of time with her. that night we went to sandee's to celebrate gregg and spencer's birthdays.
10.25-we met up with cindy, lindy and alan for dinner at pier 49. it was good to see them!
10.26-happy birthday ken!
we all went to the dentist that afternoon. the girls did so well and i really appreciated everyone helping with the girls while kg and i were in the chairs. i love our dentist!
that night i went out to fro yo with raeann. we had a really nice visit.
10.27-i went to stacy's baby shower. it was so fun to see so many people there to support her!
10.28-happy birthday spencer!
it was a scary month and now i'm ready for november because that means we are closer to christmas!!!


finally halloween day arrived! at 4:00 sandee, spencer and kas came over and we trick-or-treated to a few in the apartment complex. then we went to kris' house. she joined us for some treating on her street. i love that she comes with us! it started to rain on us which wasn't all bad....
we were delighted by this beautiful rainbow as we looked up the street
and then when we looked the other way we could see the rain pouring down in the sunshine.
really beautiful!
after that we went to harrison boulevard. we were a few blocks shy of going down the entire street and back up again. it was lots of fun. and thankfully the rain stopped!

evidence that rain had been there.

there was so many great decorations to see!

these pumpkins were awesome!

we had so much fun and the girls were total champs! we were out for about 4 hours.
here's the loot they worked so hard for over 4 days! way too much candy. yummy!
that is the end of our four day run of fun. we had such a wonderful weekend filled with halloween goodness!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

zoo+chili+visits? oh my!

saturday the 30th was crazy busy and it was wonderful. we started off bright and early, 9:30 am, with fresh whipped cream atop our raspberries and strawberries for breakfast in bed. :) then we went to the zoo in our costumes. if we go next year, we will definitely do it differently. we ended up standing in line for the costume contest the entire time. and we got gypped at the last minute but oh well. live and learn. we still had a good time. and several people told us on our way out that we should have won!
kg took some photos of costumes he liked while the girls and i took a bathroom break :)

then we waited for the results of the contest.(that's our number, not what we placed)
finally we saw the penguins,
and a stuffed giraffe.
and then left so i could rush to work.
after i worked we made a quick trip to an assisted living center because they wanted their residence to enjoy some trick-or-treaters.
then we went to lynnette's house for tristan's birthday and the chili feed!
rico suave.
the chili and fixings were delicious!
lynnette has a really awesome halloween town!

great decorations!
then we drove out to star to see the furniss'. they always have great decorations and neither of us have been to their house since high school! the girls fell asleep on the way there so we parked outside their house for half an hour to let them sleep before we went in. they had such a long day and they were still so great!
finally we went in.

we enjoyed chatting with them as well as mk and family. they spoiled the girls with more candy.
from there we went to see great grandma and grandpa hunter.
then we went to see buffalo grandpa, justin, adam, erina and ryan.
after that we went to my parents house. my siblings also came over and so did buffalo grandma. my dad had the usual doughnuts and apple juice. yum. we also went trick-or-treating to a few houses.

zach and royal
lorelai, the cutest little minnie mouse i've ever seen. :)
our final stop was great grandma jensen. she looked like minnie mouse too! she just needed the ears. ;) we enjoyed a nice visit.
we had such a busy, fun family day. we love halloween!

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