Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween 2012

halloween started at river's preschool party.  they did a costume parade outside.  then they went inside and painted pumpkins, decorated cookies and played games.

river made this the first week of school and it hangs on the wall in preschool.  this is what she thinks she looks like.  so cute!

there were three covered boxes for the kids to put their hands.  they were filled with slimy things to resemble eyeballs, worms and brains.  the kids reactions were so fun!

that afternoon we went to flower's class halloween party.  they had a good little feast, played bingo and won some prizes.

after flower's class we stopped by the aquarium because kids in costume got in free.  they were also doing a costume contest.  everyone said we should have won, even the employees, and we kept waiting for over a week to see them post the winners on facebook.  finally someone asked and they claimed that they handed out the prizes(free year membership) all through out the day to costumes they loved.  not at all what they told us when we went and i frankly don't believe them.  a few asked to see photos of the winners and they never posted any.  makes me question whether anyone really won.  kind of shady and disappointing but oh well.  we still had a good time!
that evening we started our trick-or-treating at kris' as usual. 
i love my little family of starfish, in honor of amanda.  kg worked hard on these costumes and i think they turned out great!

kristen and cam joined us this year, too!  i was so excited. next year, if it all works out, she and cam are going to join us in an amazing costume ensemble!

we hit our usual houses in kris' neighborhood and then headed to barb's.  lynnette's mom just moved into a retirement facility the day before so we stopped by to say hello and show off our costumes.  then we went on to my parents.  we trick-or-treated there for over and hour.  we were pooped and will plan better next year.  by the time we found our favorite house in their neighborhood they were taking everything down.  we were bummed and will be hitting it first next year.  we also regretfully didn't make it to kg's parents or grandparents.  it was a crazy day!

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