Saturday, November 30, 2013


For the month of November I made a list of things I was thankful for each day.

1: I'm so thankful for Kristen! No one makes me laugh like she does. Grateful she's been my bestie for 31 years!
2: I'm thankful for Lynnette and my wonderful job!
3: I'm thankful I don't have to go to church today.

4: I'm thankful for KG's and my work schedules. We've always done our best to be with the girls. I don't have to be to work early so I take them to school and he picks them up and has the afternoon and evening with them before he goes to work. On average they've only gone to a sitter 20 hours a month. Which also makes me thankful for Carol, whom loves my girls like grandchildren and is right here in the complex.
5:  I am thankful for wonderful friendships that touch my life.
6: I'm thankful for the creative outlet that Ceramica provides. I went last Friday with Kristen and Monday with Sandee and Kristen! Both nights I left there feeling better then when I arrived!
7: I'm thankful for water. It's my favorite drink and pretty much all I drink. I've realized today I haven't had enough and I crave it. It always makes me feel better.
8: I'm thankful for blankets. Year round! I'm a blanket girl. I've spent my life wrapped up in blankets! In the winter I'm especially thankful for my warm, fuzzy, heated blanket! I'm always cold and especially at night when I get tired I have a hard time warming up. Our house is 72* and I'm literally shaking I'm so cold. I just turned on my blanket 
9: I'm thankful for Sandee. She loves my girls and had them spend the night last night which meant a night to myself and being able to work today without having to worry about them and having to run home to check on them. She's a pretty amazing sister.
10: I'm thankful for alone time! I thrive on it. I need it to reboot and feel whole. Sandee made it happen Friday night and KG made it happen today. Twice in one weekend is magic. My soul is singing.
11: I'm thankful for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I dvr them and then on a weekend that I have alone time I watch a whole bunch. I watched 10 episodes this weekend and laughed out loud, all by myself and loved it! She makes me laugh more than any other show. The girls like to watch it with me too, especially to see Sofia Grace and Rosie and bands they like. I also want to go to a show someday with my niece Victoria!
12: I'm so thankful for wonderful co-workers, past and present. In almost every job I've had I've stayed in touch with at least one or two people. Just last week I ran into my maintenance man from the Idanha. He and his wife have suffered through years(like 15) of infertility and I was so thrilled to found out that in the last 3 years they've had 3 kids! I never stop wondering how people are doing or being happy for them. I'm connected recently with past coworkers on facebook and love seeing how they're doing. And as I'm going into my 6th year here(longest job of my life), I've worked with the same 3 people, plus their sons, the whole time plus the vendors that are all amazing. I'm truly thankful for each of them!
13: I am thankful for KG. I reserved 13 for him because it's our number! He's the bomb. He helps with everything. He cooks at least 3 times a week. He helps around the house. He takes the girls to piano and dance. He picks them up from school everyday and takes River to school some days. He's a good and involved dad. He's a good husband. He never judges me and he loves me for who I am. He's my secret keeper and I love him!
14: I'm thankful for adoption. It's National Adoption Month! I'm so thankful for the women who brought my girls into the world so that I could be their mother. It's hard not knowing Flower's and it's not always easy with River's but I still love and respect her for her sacrifice! I'm also grateful for Amanda, because had it not been for her, Flower wouldn't be alive! I love adoption!
15: I'm thankful for days my girls don't have school! And even more thankful when my boss lets me skip work and we take our kids to the aquarium together! Then we went to lunch and then she and Tristan spoiled us with fun surprises from their trip! A really fun start to our day. Thanks Lynnette and Tristan!
16: I'm thankful for long, hot baths. They're one of the only places I feel undistracted. Plus my girls enjoyed one today after playing in the first snowfall of the season!
17: Today I am thankful for this day! I got to sleep in. Then when KG and the girls got home from church I got to listen to the girls play well for hours. Then I took them on a Sunday drive and we stopped to play at a park. We had a snowball fight. Then we went to Fanci Freez for dip cones just like I used to do with my dad on Sundays. We came home and they played outside together. Then we watched a Christmas movie while we made dinner and then made cookies together before reading books and them drifting off to sleep. It was ideal in every way!
18: I'm thankful for Flower! As of today she is 8 years and 7 months old. She is smart and sassy. She is such a good big sister. She is thoughtful. It's not easy being the oldest but most of the time she excels at it. She is loving and caring and a good friend. I love my Flower!
19: I'm thankful for Facebook! Mostly for the friendships that have been rekindled and being able to stay in touch. But also, I can always ask Facebook and someone will have the answer! Thanks Andy for the tip about checking Golden Corral for cotton candy! They were the best option. I also don't reach out individually very easily when I'm struggling but being able to turn here is easier and I'm often comforted. Plus it's fun to share good news and be celebrated. Thanks facebook friends!  
20: I'm thankful for River! She is 5 today! She is my cuddle bug. She is funny and keeps me laughing. She is intense and lovable. She softens my heart like no one else can. I love my River! I'm also thankful for my MOM! It's her birthday today, too! I love her and am grateful for her strength and courage through life!    
21: I'm thankful for video cameras. When I got home from work I joined KG and the girls watching old videos of the girls. So grateful to be able to hear their sweet little voices as 2 year old children and other ages!
22: I'm thankful for creative friends willing to help me make my daughter happy! Tonight was River's very first friend birthday party! After the amazing shirt and hat, Shannon completely outdid herself on River's birthday cake! Holy moly. It was exactly what River wanted(but better than we could imagine)...A rainbow with penguins underneath on a turquoise cake. What a fun surprise to cut into it and see a rainbow inside, too! Seriously, thank you Shannon and everyone who made River's birthday so wonderful! Thanks to all her sweet little friends that came tonight!
23: I'm thankful for quiet nights at home with my family. KG made a delicious dinner and we watched a movie as a family. Girls are in bed early and now KG and I are going to catch up on some shows.
24: I am thankful for meditation. I have done it daily for a month now and love it. It's helped me in unexpected ways. I've started craving that quiet and stillness of body and mind.
25: I'm thankful for days off the family has together! Still in my cozy bed with my honey, drinking hot cocoa, watching Parenthood while the girls play at 11:20 am? Don't mind if I do. 
26: I am thankful to be an aunt! Today is my niece Lovina's 1st birthday so I thought it the perfect day to tell Lauren, Victoria, Spencer, Royal, Kassidee, Zach, Lorelai, Lovina, Adam, Serena, Erina, Justice, Journey, and soon to be Alysin that I love them with all my heart and being an aunt is one of my favorite things ever! I would do anything for any of them and I hope they know I will always be there for them no matter what! 
27: I'm thankful for laughter. It's always been one of my favorite things and I've been told my whole life I have a contagious laugh which I love.
28: I'm thankful for my siblings, and their spouses. Because let's be real, sometimes I like their spouses better. Today is Ryan's birthday so it's a great time to tell him and the rest of them that I love them. I have such fun memories to look back on. I'm also thankful for my brothers-in-law and their spouses and girlfriends. I'm pretty lucky in that regard.
29: I'm thankful for traditions. Traditions are what make holidays so special for me.
30: I'm thankful for my parents and KG's parents and for the love and support they shower on us an the girls.                

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