Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

We joined our Wizard of Oz gang again for Halloween night. Lisa brought the boys over for pizza while we waited for John to get off work. Once he arrived we trick-or-treated to two apartments in my building. They each unloaded a full bag of candy on five of us!

We were soon on our way to the Sturgill's house where Flower was gifted a cute stuffed bear from Jenna! We were all spoiled with candy and hit up the rest of their street for even more.

From there we went to the Goodsell's neighborhood in Meridian.

We met up with Cliff, Benjamin and Madison and added to our abundance of candy. We also went to a neat little Spook Alley that someone put on in their garage.

Around 8:30 pm we left them behind and went to my parents house. All my siblings with there with their kids and KG's mom came as well. My dad took all his grandkids trick-or-treating around their neighborhood. We also enjoyed donuts and cider.

It was so fun seeing my nieces and nephews all dressed up.

We had such a great night! I think we've done a fine job of making Flower as Halloween obsessed as we are! For at two weeks prior to Halloween she would go around saying, "Happy Halloween!" at random times. She was super excited to wear her costume and I think we did an excellent job of taking her to everything possible for her first Halloween in the states!

Until next year....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Holy Crap!

For anyone who tells me they can't get their daughters fine, stringy hair to curl...just send them to my house and I will have them looking hideous in no time! :-D
For Flower's Halloween costume I had been curling her hair with a curling iron. I thought perhaps there was an easier way and we began playing around with the squishy pink rollers. Flower loved it.

It just didn't turn out as I had hoped. Not quite curly enough.
We then tried another size.

We went wayyyy to small!

Blech! I never thought I could get her hair this curly. Not in a million years! The water bottle was quickly used to loosen this up! It's just a tangled mess waiting to happen!
NEVER AGAIN! At this point I'll stick to the curling iron.

Sturgill's Pumpkin-fest

Our weekend was filled with so many fun Halloween things to do. To round it out on Sunday, October 28th, the Sturgill's invited us over to carve pumpkins and have a feast. KG had fun carving his pumpkin with the rest of the gang that was invited.
Here's miss Hannah, The Dunkley's and The Simplots.

Here's KG, Jerry and Sam concentrating very hard as he traces the picture he's going to carve!

Here's Jenna, who said she actually likes to scrape the insides! Blech!

Here's Andrew and Flower getting started on the Big Wheels. Ah, they're riding off into the sunset. Kris, whom Flower loves to pieces, was always close by to lend her a hand.

Flower had fun playing with the various kids and especially loved the Extreme Big Wheel races!

I enjoyed myself socializing and staying behind the camera snapping photos of the cute faces we spent time with.

We had some amazing talent among the carvers! Sadly I failed to get a photo of KG's pumpkin. He carved cemetery into his. Sorry Honey!

Flower also found fun in this classic red tricycle.

Check out that Gourd that Jerry found. I was bummed that we had to leave before he finished it but he was carving it into a snake!
we had such a great time!

Let's kick it.

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