Monday, April 30, 2012

i love when they sleep together

It's rare for them to fall asleep in the same bed. they are very different sleepers. river needs to be cuddling and touching you to fall asleep. flower needs to be as far away from you as possible and not touching anyone! silly girls. but when it happens, my heart smiles.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

painting bracelets

flower received a bracelet painting kit for her birthday so the next day the girls got busy. i love their faces of concentration. both their bracelets turned out cute and speak volumes of their age and personality. ;)

there is constant acrobatics happening around this house.

showing her scabs due to acrobatics gone wrong. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

flower turns 7!

this year was a friend party for flower. we offered to take her and a few friends to someplace fun but all she wanted was a pajama/movie/pizza party that she could invite all her friends. save me money and the insanity of being in one of those crazy loud places trying to keep track of kids? yes, please.
she chose the color of her balloons and everything she wanted to do.

she wanted to watch the non animated version of peter pan. she loves it.
i had a deal through cuppa cake for cupcakes so that was easy! chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate for that girl!

they started with pizza by the pool.

eventually we brought them in to start the movie.

one crazy cousin decided to jump in the freezing cold pool while the others watched the movie.

the whole clan.
such a super cute bunch of kids!

next it was time to open gifts, to which she was spoiled!

dad was teasing her with the threat of birthday spankings.
finally cake and ice cream by the pool.

this was such a good group of kids. flower loved her party so i think that was a success.
flower is smart as ever and did great in first grade. i am continually amazed how easily she's picking up the chinese language. she's thoughtful and kind and such a good big sister. she's so talented but very timid and she tends to let that limit herself. she did dance this year and refused to be in the final recital. i keep showing her videos of herself so she can see how good she does and how much people cheer for her and love seeing her on stage. hopefully this phase will pass. however, i'm the same way so i get her hesitance to perform in front of people. she loves her church teachers, claudia and van howell, and clings to claudia whenever possible. she loves to sing and dance around the house. she is a major tv addict. we really have to limit her or it affects her attitude and mood. during the school year she's lucky to get 30 minutes just based on when they're home and the things going on like homework and chores. but she would easily sit in front of the tv all day if we let her. and when she's watching tv, nothing exists around her. she totally zones. she loves to play the wii and wii fit. she particularly loves the dance and singing games. she is an excellent reader and loves it! we started reading a chapter book this year and i think it's a good thing for her and i to do together. when we can remember. she and i butt heads sometimes and i'm really trying to work on that. i often think i expect too much of her because i know what she's capable of, but she's also only 7! however, she and kg are two peas in a pod. she's also beautiful and i'm a little sad at how much older she's looking these days. her new teeth are coming in and it really changes the shape of her face. i love my little flower and i'm so grateful she's part of our family.

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