Saturday, January 31, 2009

River's 2 month check up

Technically she's 10 weeks old. The appointment went great until the shots. She had her first round of immunizations. :( She was so happy, smiling and cooing at the nurse and doctor, even as she was laying there naked on the cold table. Then wham...a needle in the leg. And then the other leg. Poor baby. That kind of ruined her mood. (Notice all the wrinkles/rolls on her left that!)
Here stats:
weight: 13.7 pounds=97%
height: 23.75 inches=90%
head circumference=39.5 cm=70%

The doctor was surprised at how strong she is, which we are told often by people that hold her. She's so alert and always looking around to take it all in. While aying her stomach she holds her head up and looks around for 5-10 minutes. When the doctor stood her up she felt her legs and said she had excellent muscle tone and is going to be a strong little girl. She thinks she'll be rolling within the next month. We shall see. She's been a bit fussy today but not too bad considering.
Here's the band-aid evidence of her wound.
When we got home she played in her new bumbo. I knew she would love it! She prefers to be upright and see what we're all doing. She looks like she's riding a bull in this first one.

Check our her surroundings! Before the mass of gifts was dropped like a bomb in the living room, the place was spotless! Now it looks like a war zone. Hmmm, tough problem to have. Maybe I should whine some more about how spoiled we were last night. ;)
Dang I love those toes!

Flower was very excited to show River her new toy recorder.
Today while I was at work Flower asked KG to wrap her like a burrito. He happily obliged.
Only this time he used a bigger blanket because that's what was on the sofa. That lead to her being really stuck. She didn't like it and she freaked out. I'm sure he laughed.
Glad they have fun while I'm gone.
We had a really fun night with all my favorite girls, minus a few, but I'll save that for another post when it's not 2:30 in the morning and I'm continually falling asleep only waking right before the drool hits my laptop.
And I leave you with that visual...looking really similar to this...
Good night. :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

PTC took the place of preschool on Thursday. That was one crazy day! We had to be there at 8:20 am. I can hardly believe we are already going to these but I'm so glad her preschool does them. It was nice to meet the teacher and talk about Flower and how she's progressing.
The following is what Flower's teacher had to say about her:
Flower is a bright and personable girl. She is a sweet child who is a pleasure to have in class. She is a cheerful and happy girl. Flower gets along well with the other children and is respectful of me. Her socialization skills are good and she rarely has conflicts. She is quite energetic and eager to please. She follows directions well and completes her class work without interruption. Her skills are on target for her age and she is enthusiastic to participate in classroom discussions. Flower is a spirited child and is a happy addition to our class. She has adjusted well this year in a classroom environment. Flower to be happy at school and is a joy to have in class.
I love the words energetic, spirited and enthusiastic. In other words...a hyperactive handful. :)
Flower sure loves preschool and her best friend Tanner and I'm so glad we made the choice to start her this year instead of waiting until she was four. I think it really helped her to have a place that's all her own after River came.
Earlier in the week I came into the room and found her in River's car seat. I think she's a teensy bit big for that. Cute though. And she was pleased with herself.
After the PTC we went to Old Navy for some smokin' deals. Like $.97 cent shirts and kids pants! Yeah it was that good! After that we went to IHOP for breakfast. We then dropped KG off at home so he could finally sleep. The girls and I headed on over to G and G Hunters to visit Grandma. She is staying there for a bit to recover from her back surgery. We had visited on Tuesday after preschool as well. Both days Flower just clung to uncle Steven. It's very cute. He's huge at 6'4" and burly. I love watching him with her. He's just so darn sweet. She made him eat lunch with her, play games, and watch movies. I also got a kick out of seeing him hold River because all of a sudden she looked like a tiny new born. Then mom held her and she was back to her rolly polly self. On Thursday we were excited that buffalo grandpa joined us. River was passed around and we gabbed the morning away.
That night as soon as I got off work was the babyshower.
By the time I got home from that I was beat! I was so nervous for it all day that it just wore me out. I don't mind big gatherings but I definitely mind all eyes on me. So I was dreading the opening of the gifts. The louder it was while I opened the happier I was because it meant people were talking to each other and not paying attention to me. :)
A fun day it was!

Ward Baby Shower

I don't even know where to start. It was such a fun night. I am blown away by how many people came, 25 I think out of the 33 that were invited. I feel so loved. It means a lot that so many people would come together to support us in welcoming Miss River into our lives. I actually had tears in my eyes last night as I sat looking at everything that we received that will help us so much. Our house is now busting at the seams with things from last night as well as so many family and friends that have gifted us and lent us things to use. We love it all and couldn't be more grateful. Thank you everyone who has helped us and shown us so much love. Special thanks to Kris for the time and effort that it took to put this together and opening her home to all of us rowdies. :) Love ya!
(unfortunately most of the pictures are crap. Not sure what my deal was there. Oh well at least I know who came.)

Flower was good comic relief while we were going through everything. She love this bow that was around a blanket.

Two people even brought Flower some gifts. So thoughtful and she was overjoyed! She looked so cute in her outfit today and had a blast with all the instruments.
Lovely, lovely evening.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finishing up the weekend

Saturday afternoon our case worker came for a 2 month visit. So far we have been deemed good parents. It's nice to be validated. :) We found out that there is still progress being made regarding the birth father. Things were stalled for a bit due to the holidays. We also found out we have to have some more interviews or something regarding that which will mean more money out of our pocket. :(

Right after that we went to visit KG's mom in the hospital. She had back surgery a few days ago. Not fun. She seems to be doing well though.

After that we went to the church to complete my Sunday bulletins. Good thing the missionaries were there because I forgot my library keys.

And THEN we went to my sister's house to play games with them and the Mecham's. It was a fun evening.

Sunday I actually made it to church for the first time this year. :) I even went to all the meetings, even if Sunday school was only for 10 minutes, I'm counting it! Amazing. We have been asked to attend the Reach One program for a few months so that should be interesting. Since it is our first Sunday this year that meant it was Flower's first time in Sunbeams. She was so excited and that I don't think she thought twice about nursery. She was also thrilled to see Tianna again and both of them yelled each other's names and went running for each other because it's been awhile. So cute.

My little family is now sleeping. There is something so peaceful about Sunday naps. I think I'm going to have to join them...I'll resume this post after the fun we're going to have this evening.

I'm back from our fun evening! We went to Patti and Jeff's. John, Jill and Alyssa are their three kids, Alyssa being Flower's age. Sara, Darrin and their four kids, Liam, Sydney, Madeline and Quinn also came. We had wonderful food and played games. We played Bubble Brain which we have played tons of times and usually it's pretty funny. Well tonight it was beyond funny! Dang hilarious to say the least. Sara and I were gasping, crying and pee'ing all at once. Oh and I was hacking but what's new? Good times. The funny part is we(KG, Sara and I) were worried about being to racy for Jeff because we were a little unsure of his personality since we haven't played games with him before. Have no fear, he was raunchier then we were at times. We are so proud. ;)
The kids had a great time too and I was so impressed at how well they got along and we barely heard from any of them.
On to the photos.
This is what it's like trying to take a photo of Lightning McQuinn. He would not stop moving and was not impressed that the creepy lady was trying to take his photo.

Liam also doesn't like his photo taken so I had to be sneaky and take it as he was preoccupied filling his plate.
I am so bummed that I didn't get a better photo of Jill and her gorgeous hair. It's such a vibrant red!

Can't wait for the next gathering! Sara when did you say we were coming over? :) He He.

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