Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day Anniversary and Sisters!

KG and I got engaged on leap day, 2000. That makes this our 2 year engagement anniversary, yet we've been married almost 8 years! ;) I still remember that day so vividly! KG made all my dreams come true! I remember when he asked me to marry him I didn't believe him. :o) He kept having to reassure me! What I love about it was how simple it was. We were in my apartment living room. He was sitting in a banana chair and I sat on his lap facing him. This was the first time seeing each other in 6 weeks. It was a planned separation so we could really be sure of our feelings for one another. I was terrified this was going to be the end. Instead he grabbed my face with both his hands, looked straight into my eyes and he proposed! So cute. So simple. Everything I dreamed of. I cried.
I love you more then sugar honey!

On a different note. Today was a really fun day with my sister. She was laid off from her job a couple of weeks ago but I have to say I'm enjoying her being off work! She had a job interview this morning at 8:00 am. She stopped by afterwards and surprised Flower and me. We packed up some things and went to Jim's for breakfast. Joni spoiled us as usual and hid our ticket so we couldn't pay. She is such a sweet lady! We then ran some errands together. I then had to be back at work for two move-ins. She took Flower a sleepover. It's her second sleepover but her first with them. I talked to her around 8:00 pm and she was having a great time with Spencer and Kas! It really freed us up to get some much needed stuff done. Sisters are great!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stitch 'n Bitch...

...The Happy Hooker. That's the title of the new book I got. It's irreverent. It makes me giggle. I can hardly wait to tackle some of the patterns. Super cute scarfs and bags/purses. So much fun! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So long, Farewell

On Saturday night we had a fairwell party for Kristy. We've had so much fun getting to know her this past year! We met her through Eric and Rhonda. She is a coworker of Erik. I m really going to miss her. I was reminded on Saturday of how much she makes me laugh! I ended up with respiratory issues for the remainder of the weekend of all that laughter! Unfortunately she was laid off from her job after working there 11 years! That seems to happening a lot lately! What's the deal? Anyway, we met Eric, Rhonda, John, Lisa, and Jennifer(yet another sister to Rhonda and Lisa but we hadn't met her yet) at Corona Village for dinner. We then went to Baskin Robbins for dessert to go and then ended up at Eric and Rhonda's for games. Once there Laura, another sister, joined us. We really had a fun time. We had dropped Flower off at their house before dinner because Zach was begging to babysit her. It worked out well since we ended the night there.
Here's Kristy(in the corner) and Jennifer at dinner.
Here's Eric, Lisa, John and Jennifer during our game of Killer Bunnies.

KG spent a good portion of the time recoding everyone without their knowledge. In the first video Lisa was explaining the game to her sister and all of a sudden you see John's hand creep up to cop a feel of his wifes chest.

This next one he had it on Eric. It's so funny to see Eric look at the camera two or three times and not even know. And then when he does figure out he furrows his brow and then sneaks a quick middle finger before his wife can see! :) I love how uncomfortable he gets once he realizes he's being recorded!

here are lisa's chocolate boobs. it also shows John stroking her nipple, I mean game piece that she put under her shirt.

Monday, February 25, 2008

1 year Post Placement Interview and the Kilt

Today we had our 1 year PPI with our adoption agency. A PPI is required after you've been home for 6 months and at 1 year. She was impressed with Miss Thing and said she is progressing nicely and obviously attached to us. The lady brought her 8 year old daughter with her so Flower was being a little poopfart not wanting the girl to touch ANYTHING! They did eventually venture off to Flower's room and surprisingly got along better. This little girl was actually adopted from Bulgaria 2 years ago so it was fun to hear about her progress! When they brought her home she was mentally at an 10 month old level. She also wearing size 2T clothing. Can you imagine that for a 6 year old? She has progressed leaps and bounds! We had a nice visit with them and all is well.
Here are a few photos of the outfit Flower wore to church yesterday. My mom bought this kilt in Scotland about 11 years ago. She gave it to my first niece who handed it down to her sister who then handed it down to her cousin who has now handed it down to Flower who will eventually hand it down to Flower's cousin. It's so fun to think that each of my mom's granddaughters had worn it. She bought it because of our Scottish heritage.
Don't you just love the 'cheesy smile' stage?!
Here she is giving KG the 'stink eye' because he otld her to quit being cheesy. :)
Thanks for the kilt mom!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's Birthday. We actually celebrated it last Monday as a family. Here are some photos of how miss Flower dressed for the occasion.

She dresses herself everyday. I let her have her creative freedom at home. However, we usually redress her when we go out or give her an option between two outfits. That night I figured why not? Everyone got a big kick out of it. She had pajama pants which are too small but she keeps digging them out of the charity pile. She had on a pajama top, which didn't go with the bottom. Then she put on a dress that it too short, making her pants look like leggings. Then she chose mismatched shoes! She cracks me up! So my dad got a good laugh for his birthday gift! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Tonight we were out celebrating some stuff that for now shall remain confidential! We first went to the church to do my bulletin. Anytime KG and Flower come with me, it's a treat! Flower loved seeing Jerry and the Bishop. The Bishop gave her some candy and she replied, "thank you my bishop!" Her little voice still brings a smile to my face. We intended to celebrate by just getting some ice cream at Baskin Robbins but decided we were hungry as well. We made a stop at Wendy's. KG and I both enjoyed our meal and were just waiting for Flower to finish her burger. KG decided to get out the cute little card board Cranium game that came in Flower's kids meal. He and I were having a great time playing. Flower then says she has to go potty. Here come the stall tactics for not wanting to finish her meal. KG took her and soon returned. Flower then says she has tummy ache. I had a stomach bug earlier this week so today she has said she had a tummy ache several times. It always coincided with her not wanting to do something. I figured she picked up a new trick. Then it happens. She vomited all over our table! Thank the Lord it landed next to me on the bench and not on me! I freeze, about to vomit myself, and then begin to laugh hysterically at the man sitting a couple of tables away. He saw the whole thing and the expression on his face was priceless! As soon as she threw up he dropped his food and pushed it forward and made a gag face. I apologized to him and then just laughed. I couldn't help myself. KG quickly stood up and put her kids meal bag in front of her and she wretched a few more times. I finally suggested he run her to the bathroom because the man was turning green and now the other 6 patrons were now staring in disgust. And I kept laughing! The man and I then talked while KG and Flower were gone and he made fun of us and had a good laugh. He then kept eating and said, , "sucks to be you!" as I was trying to clean up, I mean cover it all up with napkins. So far she has had an iron stomach! This is our first experience with vomit and I am so grateful for that! I do not deal well with it! KG cleaned up while I took Flower to the car. We stopped by Baskin Robbins and got some ice cream to go so we could get her home. She seems fine now. So let's hope this is the end of it!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Weekend thoughts

The Facial-
Although I really loved it, I didn't mention some of the negatives because I didn't want to take away from what a wonderful day I had with KG! That being said, I felt like I was suffocating! For a good portion of it they put a steam machine in front of your face. KG of course loved this, I however could not breath! Steam is not good for asthma! And do you think I said anything? NO! I'm weird about that. So I sat there talking myself out of a panic attack the whole time instead of really enjoying the facial. I just kept hoping it was going to end soon. It was made even worse when she wrapped my face in the hot towel at the same time the steam was blowing at me. Luckily that only last about 30 seconds because I have never felt claustrophobia before and that sucked! I really did enjoy the facial, just not sure if I'll have one again, or if I do, I won't be having the steam machine. That sort of defeats the purpose since that is what loosens the skin. I have the same problem with hot tubs and especially saunas! I thoroughly enjoyed all of the massage parts though and the mask!

Do not hit John if you're not prepared to get hit back!-
Saturday night we went to the Goodsell's. We were playing games and having a good time. John was hovering over my shoulder at one point and just being annoying. My natural reflex set in and I made a fist and brought my arm straight up and back with the intent to hit him in the chest. I succeeded and hit him pretty hard. My thumb nail also got him in the chin. Of course his natural reflex kicked in and he had a much better angle on me! He got me right in the already hurt shoulder. It was actually kind of funny but oh it hurt and now I have a bruise and a stiff shoulder! Thanks ya jerk! ;o)

Eyebrow Waxing-
I loved the results...THE FIRST DAY! Yesterday, however, I didn't! Everywhere that a hair was pulled, I now have a lovely little white head! Aside from the fact that any photo this close is just not flattering, it doesn't even do the monstrosity of this break out justice! We are talking 28 so far(yes I'm counting!) between my eyebrows and above them. I have never struggled with acne so this is not exciting to me! I've never had a breakout like this in my life! It's awful and it's completely red in those areas as well. AND IT HURTS! Thanks eyebrow lady!


Yesterday Flower and I watched Annie. I have always love that movie and was so excited to share it with Flower. Actually it took my friend Val calling to ask whether I'd watched it since adopting Flower. I told her I hadn't and she proceeded to tell me that she just watched it and cried like she'd never cried before because she thought of Flower and the life she could have had. Obviously life in an orphanage in China would have been much different then the girls home in the movie, some things being better, some things worse. Either way, she said this movie never made her emotional until we adopted. I did look at it a bit different then before. Flower LOVED it! Of course she likes anything with singing and dancing! We both fell asleep 3/4 of the way in and enjoyed a 2 and half hour nap as well! :o) The movie also came with two necklaces, each half a heart. She was so excited to have a pretty new necklace to wear.

I was really starting to like them the following two days after I'd made some changed, and then they started to get dirty, and then my scalp started to itch. I am not one who likes a dirty head. It makes my whole body feel dirty. The thing is if you take care of dreads, they aren't dirty. You're supposed to wash them. This is where I'm a bit disappointed so far. I washed them yesterday and they pretty much came out. I twisted them back in but don't see how they are going to form properly if I'm basically starting over every 2 to 3 days! I just don't think the girl did them right. She called me shortly after she left and told me she should have done some things different. I'm just frustrated because I spent good money on them and she should have known what she was doing. I have ordered a 'do it yourself' kit, which was half as much as I spent on them to begin with. I am hoping to keep them as they are until the kit comes and then see if I can salvage and make them look better. I don't want the initial cost to be a waste! I also have naturally frizzy hair which for dreads is supposed to be a good thing but for now, it's just out of control! Hopefully they'll get better! I did add beads, which was no easy feat, and I LOVE them!

Curling with a Flat Iron-

I saw this tip on a site and had to try it out on miss Flower. I love the results! This is exactly the kind of curls I like! I'm not one for the super tight curls that make your hair twice as short as it is. I also prefer 'messier' or more uneven curls. I don't like that I'm unable to control the curl when rollers are used and it's almost impossible with a curling iron as well. I am so excited about this new discovery! Flower loved it too! Who knew a flat iron has so many uses?!

Are we moving to West Boise?-
Um hell no! My mom called me yesterday and said there was a rumor in the family that we were moving to west Boise. First of all we aren't moving at all. We need this job desperately right now so moving is out! Second, even if we were, it certainly wouldn't be to west Boise! You should all know us better then that! I won't say never because you never know but it would be a last resort.

Please let me sleep!-

I hate getting woken up in the middle of the night, especially after I've only been asleep for just under two hours! That becomes like a nap and then I can't sleep! This is what happened last night. I fell asleep early(for me), around 11:30 pm, so I could wake up and get an early start to my day and exercise and all that jazz before flower woke up. I was rudely awakened around 1:30 am my Miss Thing climbing all over me! I really have a hard time being patient when that happens. I am not very loving that's for sure! I told her to lay down and go to sleep. I then laid there in the dark for a half hour unable to fall back to sleep. And because I was awake, I was not feeling acid reflux! I finally got up to get a pepcid. She stood up all excited thinking she was going to be able to get out of bed and play. NO! I got her out of my bed to put her back in her own bed! She was not happy but thankfully she didn't cry or that would have sent me over the edge! I finally went back to bed a half hour later and was able to be sweet with her and give her a kiss and tuck her in. Of course 15 minutes later she had to go to the bathroom. I was proud of myself because by this time I was completely awake and therefore had patients. I was able to get her back in bed and love on her and tuck her in and kiss her, knowing that she would have happy thoughts and feelings of being loved instead of thoughts of being yelled at. Yay me! I really hate it when she's sad right before she goes to sleep. Of course I wasn't able to fall asleep until after 4:30 am but oh well. Since she fell asleep she'll sleep in right? Wrong! Normally she will but not today, she was up bright and early at 9:00 am. Little snot! ;) I did manage to do my Pilates while she watched tv so I'm happy!
I'm now waiting for Flower to go sleep so I can get back to work. Must be nice to be able to take a nap!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Bliss

Today was such a lovely day! I have always really enjoyed Valentine's Day because it's just one more day for me to show KG and those I love just how special they are to me! Even though KG always spoils me, there are two Valentine's Days with KG that I really remember. One of them was two years after we got married. The house was a mess because we were so busy and both working and blah blah blah. We just hadn't cleaned in a while and it was getting overwhelming. I came home from work that afternoon to find that KG had taken the day off and cleaned the entire house, spic and span! In our house you walked in to the dining room. There were flowers and candles lit on the table and he was downstairs in our room 'waiting' for me! I will never forget that one! Sometimes it's not the 'gifts' that mean the most. Doing things like that for me will win me over every time! The next one is all about the gift! :) It was three years ago. He surprised me with platinum diamond earrings. I have never been a diamond kind of gal. I have always worn fake studs in my ears though. I never change my earrings and like to keep them simple. I was really bummed when I developed an allergy to every metal I attempted to put in my ears. I had worn studs since I was 12 years old and now had nude ears for months. So he bought me the perfect size little diamond platinum studs that have not left my ears since! Thank you honey for always being so thoughtful!
This year was more about being pampered together! We also wanted to include Flower in some part of our day. Last night Flower and I made cupcakes with handmade paper hearts.

We spent the day delivering them to the most special people in our lives! We took a break in between to have lunch with my mom at her elementary school.

We then dropped Flower off at our friend Sara's house. She agreed to watch Flower so we could have some alone time to pamper ourselves! We went to Breath Wellness Day Spa and had the best time! We each had a
Strawberries-n-Cream Spa Facial
The facial is customized for your particular skin type, includes steam cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage, and a finishing mask. It also included Paraffin Hand Dip, Foot Scrub, and Hand and Foot Massage
We also added in free eyebrow waxing which neither of us has ever done. It's a small salon so they could only do one facial at a time. Each facial/hand and foot massage was 90 minutes. While KG was being pampered, I read my current book and enjoyed the fruit drenched in chocolate fondue plus Hershey kisses! It was heavenly. I then went in for my pampering, while KG enjoyed the fruit/chocolate and read my book. We also chose to get pedicures which were done at the same time and took another hour. :o)

I just love spending time with KG! We've had lots of time together this week since he's been off work and I've loved every minute of it! I especially love afternoons such as this that we get to be pampered together, knowing it's making the other feel really good!
We were soon on our way to pick up Flower. Thanks again Sara for watching her for us and sorry she bit Madeline! The little s**t drew blood! Let me tell ya, when you watch our kid you are rewarded! We gave Sara a gift certificate for the same spa, good for an ass wax! Yes, we are generous! Enjoy it Sara! :o)
The three of us then went out to dinner. After stopping at Teppanyaki and Chili's we finally settled on Chapala because it didn't have a wait and we were famished!

Now we're home and watching Splash from 1988! I haven't seen this movie in, well I don't remember when I last saw it but I always liked it. When I was a kid I thought it was so cool that the mermaids name was Madison which was my last name! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! Mine was wonderful!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Here it is...

I'm still unsure whether I like them.
KG does.I'm kind of wishing they were longer. I have a soft head however and they hurt like hell! I'm not sure I could handle extensions first. The nice things is, if I decide I don't like them they can come out so no big deal. I also think I should have done some lighter ones. We'll see. Feel free to voice your opinion. Opinions are like butts...everybody has one. Yours won't hurt my feelings! :o)

Charlie Bit Me

I think this has to be my all time favorite video! Children with accents are just so stinkin funny! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Look?

Ok I'm getting board with my hair again! I was having a lovely conversation with Danny(upstairs gaybor) yesterday and he asked me how the haircut, that he gave me, was holding up. I told him that I still love it but the back was in desperate need of a trim. I also expressed how I was just kind of board with the whole look (a-line in general) and soooo tired of having to straighten it everyday which has lead me to wearing beanies way to often! I also sort of mentioned what my secret desire has been for a LONG time! He said I should go for it! KG told me I should go for it a few days before that so guess what? I'm going for it! Bright and early tomorrow morning I will be getting a new look! What will it be?
Adding some extensions for a lovely mullet?
Or maybe I'll just get rid of it completely and go with a no hassle look?Perhaps something a little more wild?
You'll just have to wait and see! :o)

So This Is Love.

Flower's favorite movie right now is Cinderella and she is constantly asking her daddy to dance with her and she repeats the line, "So this is Love" over and over as they dance.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

I know that it started last Thursday but we did our big celebration tonight. It was such a fun evening and we're grateful to all those that came to celebrate with us! We all ascended on our favorite Chinese restaurant, Oriental Express. Those in attendance were: Ken and Laura. Ryan, Amanda and Lorelai. Doug and Opal. Steve and RaeAunn. Elder Hays and Elder Fletcher. John, Lisa, Josh, Isaac and Topher. Jenn, Cliff, Benjamin, and Madison. Rhonda and Eric. Roger, Alyse, Lauren, Torta, Royal, and Zach and two Elders. Sandee, Gregg, Spencer and Kass. We had 37 people including KG, Flower and me.

They did an excellent job considering each family had a separate ticket, all arrived pretty much at the same time and all ordered something different. Almost everyone was wearing something red. We had red paper on the table to write Flower messages. When we arrived Chow, the owner, brought out a pretty dress for Flower and dressed her right away. So thoughtful. We had a good time just being around those we love! Thanks again to all those that came to celebrate this special holiday with us! And thank you thank you thank you for the nice poem from Ryan and Amanda, lots of messages and the special frame made by Torta, that were given to Flower! She also got a cute teddy bear holding chocolate from KG's parents and a card shaped like a purse from my parents. :O)

Here's the dress in full view.
We also inherited an extra child for the evening. Isaac has wanted to spend the night at our house for some time. It finally worked out tonight, impromptu, because KG has the week off (yay!) so he can entertain the two of them tomorrow while I work! :) Flower was delighted to have someone new to play with her kitchen! They are now snuggled on the sofa watching Beauty and the Beast, courtesy of Ryan and Amanda, which Flower has never seen before.
PS-I just love living so close to family and friends! We went home with arm loads of stuff that was either being returned to us because we lent it out or that we were lots of disney movies from my brother and SIL so we can introduce Flower to new princesses, scripture music/videos from my sister that her kids have outgrown, magazines my sister has read, books and Season 7 of Gilmore Girls from my mother in law! It's awesome to be able to share things and cycle them around! :o)

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