Monday, December 18, 2017

Weekend with the Morley's

I love these people with all my heart! We went to Utah for the spa day that I won through Collin Kartchner for #harveyuslut fundraiser and we stayed two nights with the Morley's. So many laughs and good times. These are just the photos I took with my real camera. I'm grateful they finally gave me a reason to get another memory card. I haven't been able to find mine for a year. Then of course I couldn't find my card reader. Well last week KG found both! I also haven't used this laptop for a year. And I forgot how long uploading, converting photos, and blogging takes. I'm on 5 hours just for the photos in this blog. That does include putting them in google drive to share them with marco. It's no wonder I chatbooks now. But it is nice to have nice photos once in a while. It was all totally worth it and the weekend was wonderful!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Company Christmas Party

We had our party during the day so the kids got to skip school! We went to Lucky Fins for lunch. Then went to Nerfed for some fun! Another great party!

Let's kick it.

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