Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First official summer BBQ

Last Sunday we planned a BBQ, invited our friends, and then invited ourselves over to John and Lisa's to have the BBQ. :) We had so much fun.
Ahhh, here's our little dancing queen. Monkey loves showing his pretty skillz.

I had a blast on the trampoline. Wheezed like crazy after so that must mean it was a good time. My back has hurt ever since though. Getting old sucks. If I had a tramp I'd be on it every day. *That's what she said!* Yes I just went there. Tee hee. I've always loved them. Love doing back flips and belly flops and all sorts of tricks. I was also having great fun teaching the children how to do back flips.

There was lots of lounging.

And lots of playing.
If anyone gets hurt, it's usually Josh. And his crying fits are something to behold. I swear every time I hear the cry I look around for no less then three 12 year old girls screaming like they're at a Jonas Brother's concert. And that's for the small things.
Love this photo.

Josh got dunked in the pool.

And then he shared his wetness with anyone in reach.

I could not believe my eyes when I looked over and saw my cautious little Flower jump off the trampoline! I was so proud!!! Great form too.
Love this photo too!

Mmm, toes.

These girls were all over KG wrestling and beating him up. It was fun to watch and very cute.

Oh she makes me smile. Check those rosy heat flushed cheeks. Those are a sign of a good time! Poor thing is really not one for the heat. She sweats like mad. She begs to be cold all the time, sounding something like this is your whiniest voice as she jumps and flops around, "I just want to be colllllddddd." She also flips her pillow repeatedly in bed looking for the cold side.
Such a genuine smile here. She finally asked Monkey to dunk her head like Josh's and she was so pleased with herself.

This is her little crush, Zach. You might remember from the camping photos that she wore an oversized sweatshirt. It was his. He's such a gentleman.

When I got tired, Zach took over the back flip teaching. He's an exellent gymnast.

Unfortunately for Eric, it was his birthday. You really don't want to have a birthday around Monkey and KG. They throw you down, pin you and spank you the appropriate number of times. And they're not gentle. Ouch.

We also stayed way to late playing games getting home well past midnight. I was so glad that Amanda came with us and since I realized I didn't get a single photo of her, I'd better mention her name!
River was fast alseep in the car on the way home so this was the sweet scene upon taking her out of the car seat.
She loved being at their house. She was so content the entire night, rarely making a fuss. She crawled around and was just in awe of all the action. It was a pleasant break from the crying we are experiencing these days due to her inability to move as fast as she'd like to be moving or have the balance she'd like to have.
It was a really fun weekend and I'm especially looking forward to this coming weekend! Bring it on.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Yes...I did it on purpose. And it was funny.

We fed River her first bit of baby food Saturday night. I couldn't help myself. I deliberately gave her something I was sure she wouldn't like just so I could laugh myself into an asthma attack. I love this part of parenting! That is seeing them try new foods. I have so been looking forward to this. It's totally priceless. I did finish up with something I knew she'd enjoy, after all the fun photos of course. :)
At first it wasn't so bad.
Mmmm, beef and noodle dinner. *I actually don't think it's that bad and way better then the sweet potatoes she actually liked. Now those are gross!*
And then it was down hill from there.

Glaring at us.
Spit out all over her chin.
Shaking to try and avoid the spoon. Wow she looks angry.

My favorite!!! Shaking and gagging.
Get it out, get it out, get it out!

Oops, there's a carrot left behind.
Shaking again.

Yep, gagged again! LOL.

Mmmm, this towel tastes so much better then that crap!

I was laughing then and I'm laughing now! :)

***Now please don't think I was endlessly torturing her. This all occurred in about 5 minutes.

Let's kick it.

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