Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Glad List

Here is a list of the little things that brought me happiness in April!
  1. April Fools jokes/pranks
  2. KG's many antics
  3. tiny wind mills
  4. tortillas
  5. Dr. Seuss
  6. Torta's soccer
  7. forts
  8. happy dreams
  9. naps with Flower
  10. Flower coming to work with me
  11. my new butter dish
  12. BBQ's with friends
  13. the Temple
  14. guitars
  15. Juno the movie
  16. Flower's photography
  17. Gino's restaraunt
  18. Flower's Birthday week
  19. the Saturday Market
  20. Spencer's Football
  21. playing with Flower's new toys
  22. watching KG and Flower play
  23. my new swimsuit
  24. impromptu FHE's
  25. playing on the school playground
  26. ice cream from the creepy truck :)
  27. painting
  28. hair dye
  29. long walks with KG and/or Flower
  30. funny text messages from Kris :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Walk.

This morning after completing several tasks on my to-do list, Flower and I went for a walk.
Flower wanted her photo taken before we left. My obsession with the camera has created a monster in her!
She is always such a smiley kid that I almost forgot how much I love her little lips. The bottom one is so plump and pouty. I happened to catch this photo before she was 'ready to pose'.And she has such big brown eyes. Her lips are definitely my favorite feature!
Of course I love her adorable smile as well!Now back to the walk. Today we packed a snack and lunch. We intended to find a great little spot for a picnic. We ventured out a different way today. We made our way to Cole Rd. and entered the ditch path on the west side of the road. This side is so much more green. Oh and on the way, Flower kept saying, "we walk to hell and the bitch?" WHAT?! It took me a while to figure out what she was saying and she just kept repeating, enunciating more each time, as I tried not to laugh. I finally got it, "We walk up the hill to the ditch?" Ah, that makes much more sense. Time to teach her canal instead of ditch.
Evidently the ducks and geese have an agreement that this is the geese side and the east side of Cole is the duck side.

We saw six geese in all. Flower started chasing them and scared them off. The two by the bridge took cover in the water.

She insisted I take of photo of the plane overhead and then she just HAD to see it in the camera right then! Thank heavens for digital!
There were lots of brightly colored bushes along this trail.

And then we came to the gate. HUGE BUMMER! I thought for sure there would be a way around it but no. And by the views I could see that the best was yet to come. What's the deal?! We had only walked about a half a mile. So we turned around and headed back.
Although we had a lot of fun watching the geese, Flower was so not impressed with the geese poop all over the trail and would freak out each time we came to a pile!
It was so lush and green!

On the way back we discovered three male ducks tucked into the weeds.
It started to sprinkle on us and got a bit windy. Since our walk was only an hour so far, we hadn't worked up an appetite for lunch so we sat outside a hotel on the way home and just ate our applesauce.
There's our apartment way over there.Flower loved pushing the button to stop the traffic and crossing such a busy street. It was fun to teach her about the stop and walk signal.We passed through the school on our way and I forgot how much I love the chaos of grade school recess. We enjoyed watching all the different groups of kids playing.And since we couldn't have our picnic outside, we had one inside. Flower had fun making her own peanut butter and jelly wrap.

While Flower napped, I read my book. I am so loving this weather! We've had the doors and windows open for threes days straight. LOVE IT!
For dinner I tried a new recipe as well as a salad and we really liked it. Yeah, it's pathetic that I've never made Chicken Broccoli Alfredo but now I have. It was way better then the noodle concoction we had the other night. Oh and our smoke alarm works too. :) There was hardly any smoke so I'm not sure what the deal was but Flower was amused.
KG just got home from Karate and when he's done eating, we're going to cuddle up and watch 27 Dresses. I've heard it's great so I'm excited!
Good evening to you.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lovely Monday

Flower and I started the morning off with another 2 hour walk. It was another beautiful day!
Here's the hill to get up to the ditch. The house being built at the top is the one we went through last night.
Flower loves to throw rocks in the water and see how high she can make the splash.
It is such a pretty place to walk.
We had fun watching the birds and ducks. The mamma had her babies with her today!

We followed them upstream for quite awhile as they tried to get away from us. At one point Flower threw a rock to try and scare them away.

And then the mamma started squawking to make them swim faster. Flower thought it was hilarious!They turned around at the bridge and started going downstream.

We soon passed the daddy duck who was chasing after his family.
There are fields and fields of those purple flowers.
We quickly came upon the park we discovered yesterday and decided to go play.I laid under the swing and took some photos.

She went on her first merry-go-round.Then she went on the big slide.

She road the duck...
...then the turtle.When we decided it was time to go we continued in the direction we were headed in the first place and came upon and lovely lady walking some dogs. We sat and played in the grass and got to know each other.

And finally we were on our way home. Instead of going up and around through the neighborhood like last night, Flower wanted to walk by the ditch again, going downstream. This time we both threw rocks in the water.
Flower's biggest splash yet!

We soon came upon the ducks again.

This time they were on the trail! They left as soon as we got near.
We finally made it home, had lunch and she fell asleep in record time!
And to think, that was all before noon! :)
Mondays are my long days at work. Barb works Saturdays so she has Mondays off.
While I was at work, KG took Flower to Gymnastics. She is now in the three year old class and doesn't need a parents help anymore! She is getting so big.
As soon as they got home they picked me up and we went to Oriental Express. We had dinner with the Sturgill's and the missionaries. Flower showed off for them and sure loves being around them. It was yummy food and even better company! I don't think I mentioned that we had the missionaries over last Thursday as well. We ate breakfast for dinner. We had lots of laughs too.
Now we are watching The Singles Ward. It came up both times we had dinner with the missionaries and we haven't seen it in awhile. Wow. It brings back so many memories from the student wards I was in. Love the line I just heard, "they met at last weeks hay ride and now they're engaged!". So mormon!
Oh and some other super good news! My buddy Chris from Parklane has now left their wrath as well! We all knew they(being S) were gunning for him, as they were me, for no reason other then we were hired by Paul, who was forced out 2 years ago. He also didn't like how they handled some things last year that concerned me. He got a new job a week ago but has been working both, without letting them know, so he could have some money to move. He will be joining me here as a tenant! We are excited! As far as his job goes, it's actually kind of crazy what a small world it is. Yvonne was the gal I replaced here because she finished her degree and went to work at a medical facility. She used to work at Parklane as well and was the first victim of S about 2 years ago. At her new job, Chris' sister is her boss. Chris' wife also works there. Yvonne heard a job was coming available and told his sister to have him apply. He got the job. So Chris' sister is Yvonne's boss, Yvonne is Chris' boss, and Chris is now his wife's boss. I wonder how long that will last! :) Anyway, he turned in his resignation and gave his two weeks on Friday. He called them out on the fact that they are pinning things on him that aren't his fault and that he won't be a scapegoat for things that are beyond his control they didn't even argue that! The company decided today he didn't need to give two weeks. S went tonight and collected his keys and cell phone. Weird. Anyway. Hallelujah! No more stress for Chris!
And you'll never believe what just transpired. Actually you probably will. KG just picked a big crusty booger out of Flower's nose. He threw it at me. It hit my lip. It was *that close* to going in my mouth! Wrech. I couldn't let him get away with that so I threw it back, only it hit Flower right in the middle of her forehead. It landed on her pants. She was freaking out! :) Good times. Also a great segway into scripture time! I have to document as well that we started reading our scriptures as a family at the beginning of the year and then having family prayer. This is the best we've ever done. There are only a few nights that we've missed. I'm so proud of us. For the past few years we've set a new spiritual goal at the beginning of the year. Two years ago was to go to ward temple night each month. I think we only missed one month. I definitely notice a difference in our lives when we are working on a goal like that.
Peace out!

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