Friday, August 29, 2008

Movie at the Park!

John called me this afternoon and invited us to the 'Movie in The Park' in Meridian. They would be showing up a little before 9:00. Then my sister called and invited me to the same thing, only she and her friend would be arriving at 6:00 with pizza, soda, and junk food in hand. We'll be there at 6:30. :) We left as soon as I got done working. However, once we found out what movie was playing, The Spiderwick Chronicles, we realized that probably wasn't the best movie for Flower. We decided we'd just go hang in the park, eat dinner and then leave since KG had to be to work at 8:00. We enjoyed our pizza and watched the kids play. When the time came to leave, only an hour after we'd arrived, Flower and I just weren't ready! My sister graciously offered to let Flower and I take her car, and her friend offered to take her and the kids home after the movie. She would then come to our place tomorrow to pick up her car. PERFECT! KG was on his way to work and we stayed to have some fun. I also had the pleasure of bumping into Jamie, Krista and Krissy from high school.
Flower had a great time on the swing as usual.
So intense!

Let me out!

Flower loves to play 'restaurant' at the playgrounds. She is waiting patiently for a customer.
Yay, Ryker and Kas saved the day! They ordered all kinds of food.

They let her tag along for a bit and she was thrilled!
They are best buds! His parents are my sister's best friends. Check out his glowing skin! I've never seen such a white kid in all my life! And Kas is a 'white' girl. I cannot believe how tan she gets!
At times Flower had a hard time keeping up with them. I was so proud because she was following right along and being a bit braver then usual. Unfortunately she got a little higher then she was comfortable with and too high for me to help her. I was also afraid to leave her and go to the top to help because her poor little legs and arms were shaking! She didn't panic too much though.
And thank heavens for Spencer who walked around the corner at just the right time and helped her out! Then she was so proud that she had done it!

This park has a set of musical instruments. She was a little timid at first to start beating the instruments. After I showed her how, she went to town!

There is a big rock to climb on.
Kas is the King of the Hill!
I was so surprised that Flower was ready to follow them right up! Yay!
From top to bottom is Kas, her cousin Bryce from her dad's side, Flower and Ryker.

She was trying so hard but was just too slow to make it to the top by the time they were ready to come down. I love to see her confidence grow!

We were finally ready to go wait for the movie to start. Isn't this a great idea? A huge screen in the middle of the park! It's really a great park.
Sandee and Jenn chatting away.
The sun setting just as we sat down.
Mmmm...water! It's our favorite drink.
Ryker brought Blow Pops to share!

I LOVE taking photos of kids when they have no idea your there! Genuinely cute and candid showing off your newly red tongues!
All cuddled up and waiting for the movie to start.
Flower just loved Ryker tonight.
The sunset right before the movie started.
Annie(Ryker's sister) and Spencer...also best buds.
About a half hour into the movie it got a little scary for Flower. I had anticipated this but she was having so much fun with kids. I waited until she saw one of the scary people and then told her we could go home and watch Alice in Wonderland and she was all for that! We had such a good time! And unfortunately we never found John! Bummer.
When we got home we were greeted by the 'Three Stooges"...three teenage boys that live in the complex and love to harass me when I work. They are pretty funny. I believe I wrote a couple of weeks ago about some punks that had a pizza delivered to the clubhouse under a fake name because they knew I was having a gathering there. These are the culprits.
(Kris...the boy in the photo is your 'pizza' boy.)
We ended up talking to them for an hour. It was actually pretty fun. Then they started telling me that they could climb into my apartment. How stupid of me to tell them they were full of crap because then they had to prove it! And sure enough they could do it. John did it first and that's Armin's butt you see in the photo.
I freaked because my sliding glass door was open and I did not want them inside my apartment! Armin tried to go in and leave through the front door. They soon found out that without a key, you cannot get out! :) He came right back out and climbed back down.
The third kid was really nice and so respectful. He actually had a job and is a contributing member of society! :0) He was also really interested in Flower and the whole adoption process. I had a lot of fun talking to him and answering his questions. He said he hopes to adopt some day. What a sweet thing for a junior in high school to say!
Flower thought he was cute and wanted to stand by him.
John was panicking a bit and too afraid to climb down and I was refusing to open the door to let him out. That's when he started using Flower's bike for ransom. He said if I didn't let him out he'd toss it over. She was not having that!
Poor little wussy.
I finally gave in because I really needed to get flower to bed. Then Flower was sooo excited to show them her room. They were so sweet. They read books to her! After about ten minutes I gave them some cookies and sent them on their way. And now as I type this I am totally paranoid that at any moment they are going to pop up on my balcony and scare the bajeebers out of me! And I keep hearing noises. Little snots. And now we have to be sure we always have our sliding glass door locked because I don't completely trust a group of three teenage trouble maker boys!
Wishing you all a lovely Labor Day weekend!

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