Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 54th Anniversary!

On Sunday evening we celebrated KG's grandparents 54th wedding anniversary. That is just amazing these days. They are such a great example to me, KG and our entire family. We gathered at their home for dessert.
Aunt Lynnette drove in from Colorado as a surprise.
Boy was grandma surprised!
Lynnette meeting River for the first time.

These kids love to rough house. this time they were dog piling Austin.

Flower was having fun making flowers out of these toys.

This is pretty normal for Flower. When there is rough housing, she stands on the side lines and watches, completely confused about why it's fun!

Carol and Gordon with all their kids.
Laura, Lynnette, Steven and Brenda.

The great grandchildren in attendance.

Their kids, some of their grandkids and some of their great grandkids that were able to come.

We had a good time and are so proud of them and their example to us.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

River laughing!

FINALLY! We got River to laugh on camera. She still will only laugh for Flower, and most easily when Flower is banging her head against something. Sadistic? Should I be worried? Hey whatever it takes cause gosh dang we love it when she laughs.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Girls first midnight trip to Merritt's for Scones!

After leaving our visit with the Morley's and the new babies we decided to hit up Merritt's. I have spent many a midnight at Merritt's for scones since I was a teen. This was the girl's first time...never too early to start a tradition. I really need to take photos of the juke box, which Flower thought was pretty cool, and the huge yummy scones. Next time. I prefer the powder sugar variety while KG leans towards the cinnamon sugar.
Flower took this one.
Flower colored this picture to enter into the monthly contest ;)
Upon our exit as we were getting the kids in the car, KG set our leftovers, which were intended to be after church goodies, on top of the car. Yep. We drove off and he didn't discover that he'd left them up there until we were almost home. He's apparently competing with me for dumb move of the day.
I forgot to mention what some of my dumb moves are.
I backed into a pole that I've been parking next to for over a year. I don't know why it decided to move. Pretty rude. And costly.
The next thing I did was put a 5 pound bag of flour down the drain. Yep. I kept telling myself it was not going to be a good idea but for whatever reason I did it anyway. The only explanation I have is that my brain fell out somewhere. As soon as I did it I immediately started taking it back out. It was not an easy project. I scratched up my hands digging it out of the disposal. But too much had gone down so the disposal wouldn't work. Thankfully KG took it all apart and saved my booty.
There are other dumb moves but we'll leave it at that.

Meeting babies Teajen and Tieran.

Saturday night, after 9:00 pm, we went to Middleton. With the late hour and my mood, I really didn't want to go but knew I'd regret it if I didn't. Marco and Steph were in town with their new baby girl Tieran and Stephen and Chelsea were there with their 2 month old guy Teajen.
Chelsea and Teajen
2 week old Tieran...I can't believe how much hair she has!
Sandee and Kas met us there as well.
Tieran and Kas
Raab is Stephen and Chelsea's 2 year old boy.
Raab and River

River and Lucia(Marco and Stephen's mom)
Howard(Marco and Stephen's dad)

It was a nice visit and fun to see the gang. I always hoped but wasn't sure I'd see the day that Marco would be a daddy. My heart is so full of love for their new little family.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bath time is always good for a smile.

The last few days I've just felt really blah. Antisocial. Leading me to skip out on some things I had previously looked forward to. Down. Super tired leading me to long naps. Dizzy. Nauseas. Light headed. Down. Feeling as though my brain had escaped out of my head somehow and therefore doing some really dumb things. You get the idea.
Anyway, there were a few blips on the radar scale that made me smile.
Feeling really overwhelmed by my motherly responsibilities such as cleaning up after their breakfast mess, changing the nasty poopy night time diaper and so on, I decided to bathe River early Saturday morning instead of the other things knowing that always produces a smile. It worked.
She kept trying to drink the water. She was successful a few times.

Although she looks mad, she was actually screaming with delight and clapping. She did this repeatedly and sounded like a howler monkey. She was having fun.

Flower eventually came in to enjoy the fun.

See, she does have hair.
Flower finally got in and didn't like River splashing.

After the bath she brushed her teeth and we 'combed' her hair.
It grows in a natural mohawk.
Bath time is always good for a smile.

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