Monday, September 20, 2010

sunday dress-ups

saturday when i went to bed i peaked in to check on the girls. i found river's diaper on the floor and her little naked body below her blanket. :)
sunday the 19th, after church, the girls played so well together. they made a horrendous mess but what's new?
river dumped all the clothes out of one of her drawers, took the drawer out of the dresser and pushed the drawer into the living room. they then proceeded to use the drawer as a boat and the umbrella was their oar.
pretty clever and they had so much fun with it.

they also played dress up most of the afternoon. this is a fairly common occurrence. however, this particular 'dress on the head as hair' was new and i loved it. that would be some beautiful hair!

river was so proud that her shoes matched her dress.
she cracks me up when she tries to be so dainty!

they were dancing and singing.
it was a nice dress-up kind of day.

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