Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tons of november

11.1-having fun at the grocery store

11.2-chillin' in the tub
and then chillin' on the bathroom floor.
playing at the post office

11.3-we had parent teacher conference at flower's school. she is doing so well! she's in the top of her class and picking up on everything really easily. she's beyond where she needs to be. we took her out to breakfast after as her reward. we are so proud of her.

11.4-happy birthday lisa! happy birthday tyler!
we went out as a family after taking matty's photos. i discovered my new favorite thai restaurant. so good!
i have been craving these ever since!
11.5-lynnette and i had lunch at cafe rio. yum! kristen came over that night. we got pizza, watched a movie and made my yummy pralined pecans.
11.6-danita invited us over for dinner and dessert. it was so fun. the kids danced and kg hoisted each child up over and over. it was lots of fun.

11.8-the girls and i had lunch at cafe rio with stacey, dalton, jen and madison. it was so good to see them again. it's been too long. it's exciting that they are in the same ward and friends now.
11.10-river working out.
11.11-an example of flower's normal school wear. she insists on wearing a dress everyday but it's getting cold so she puts the dress of choice on over her long sleeve shirt and jeans. :) she totally pulls it off.
11.18-flower at work with me...beautiful marker tip nails. :)
and another example of her dress over shirt and jeans.
11.19-happy birthday raeann!
i love their imagination. they used this bin for so many things.
a bed

a mountain

a hospital bed where they served each other food.

it made me laugh.
that night the girls and i went out with sandee, kas and kristen. we went to dinner at red robin and then went back and hung out at sandee's house. my girls spent the night there that night which was a huge help to me that night!
11.20-happy birthday opal! happy birthday river!
sandee watched the girls while i worked. thanks sandee! she also helped out with birthday stuff for river.
11.21-happy anniversary jenna and casey!
this is an all to common scene since our portland trip. she comes into our bed in the middle of the night and then insists on sleeping right on top of us. we enjoyed it the first week or two, now it's getting old because she rolls over from front to back every half hour or so. it keep us awake, it's bruising my legs and kg's getting kicked in the junk. time to crack down.
enjoying some yogurt and cartoons.
11.22-busy day!
at the doctor with me, out on the balcony enjoying the fresh snow. my appointment went well, i'm at my half way point!
then we went to flower's karate. she is so adorable in her gee and sparing gear.

and then went home and enjoyed our view. the girls played with river's birthday loot and i hung my new ikea shelves. yay!
river loved her birthday sucker.

cute babies taking shelter from the lamps.
they both have elephants now!
river loves tomatoes
our beautiful view.

dining room
living room
our bathroom. before.
after. it looks so much better! and no more having to straighten pictures every time i get out of the shower. i adore these shelves!!!
11.23-this line is also from ikea and brilliant. it will now house the girls many art creations. and when they run our of hooks, they have to pick something to get rid of before hanging something new. it will help minimize the clutter i think. wish we had it sooner.
this is flower's cute picture of herself
11.24-my shelf has been eagerly awaiting jensen family photos for months and months(since may) and we finally got some taken this summer, received them in november and i ordered prints and got them today. finally my shelf isn't bare and we have photos of both sides of our families for the girls to enjoy! yay. they turned our great. thanks lindy!
oh, and here's flower's art in black frames...so much better!
11.28-happy birthday ryan!
i got to enjoy an hour of laying in bed and just watching the girls play by my window and in the drapes that kg hung up. we bought them clear back in may. love him. and i love listening to the girls when they don't realize i'm listening. :)

11.29-i had a bone density scan. thank heavens no osteoporosis.
busy month! so happy to welcome in december.

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