Monday, December 30, 2013

Chinese New Year....early

This was a bitter sweet event.  We've held it at Oriental Express from the beginning and they were closing their doors forever! :(  We had it early so we could have it there one last time.  We had some new people join us and missed those that couldn't make it plus our regulars, Kris and Jerry, ended up helping serve so they weren't really with us.  It was fun but sad.  I'll miss this tradition a lot!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

we had an amazing Christmas.
River's Santa cushion

Flower's Santa cushion

river's look-a-like shirt
flower's look-a-like shirt
Angee's Santa cushion
KG's Santa cushion

first present from dad.  they were so excited to have sleds and they were well used during Christmas break!

the girls gave each other the exact same penguin pillow pet!

look-a-like dolls from mom, thanks to Aimee's talent!

a beard hat from mom since he can't grow his own, also thanks to Aimee's talent!

amazing float session to me from Lynnette.
orbeez from Lynnette
just dance for me!
slippers from mom
orbeez from Lynnette.  these were so cool!
card reader for me from KG :)  I can finally unload my camera and hopefully get caught up on the blog.
snow suits from mom and dad, also got tons of use during Christmas break!

for me, so excited!
goofy straws from dad.  so much fun.
art kit from Lisa!
amazing movie!  We know the girl on the right :)
KG's shirt from the girls.
KG's shirt from me.
tie from the girls of the girls at Pickle's Place.
yay!  so excited for the cosby show!
big bang clue from me.
super nice headphone's from me.
and the finale, the girls most asked for gift, from mom and dad...light up shoes!

then my parents came over with Sandee and they gave the girls these cute lalaloopsy dolls

sandee gave them cute earring!
we layed around and played with our new things and then that afternoon we got dressed to go to kg's parent's.
these outfits are so darling.  i can't take it!  brand new from head to toe!

obviously river was mad about something.  lol. :)

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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