Sunday, July 31, 2011

july wrap-up

7.3-happy birthday laura!
7.6-went out to chinese. love a 'sit down' restaurant that has a toy section to keep the kids entertained!

then we went across the parking lot for a shaved ice. while we were sitting there john called to find out where the shack was, not knowing we were sitting right there! so they joined us.

7.7-swimming with daddy

relief society summer activity

7.8-time at the park
7.10-river dumped eggs on the carpet.
then an entire bottle of lemon bright.
and let's add in some bananas
7.11-decorating our shelf.


yummy corn on the cob

finishing the shelf

7.14-teasing squirrels
7.15-happy birthday denzil!
swimming with carol and lisa7.19-happy birthday lauren!
7.20-happy birthday justice!
7.21-playing on the way home
tired squirrel
7.23-happy birthday journey!
7.28-swimming with uncle justinand that pretty much wraps up the month!

Friday, July 29, 2011


july 29th, we went to breakfast at cafe de paris after going to the post office.

then my sister did a wonderful thing for me and had the girls spend the night for two nights so i could be productive 'round the house. i really appreciated it! things just got entirely away from us and it needed dire attention. she met me at the snow shack and then took the girls from there. our friends dave and isaac joined us as well.

then i went home and got to work. first i cleaned my bathroom-i turned on the trusty iphone and hit shuffle and went to work.
here's my playlist:
  1. timbaland(feat. justin timberlake)-carry out
  2. fleetwood mac-say you love me
  3. the pierces-go to heaven
  4. owl city-the saltwater room
  5. plain white t's-hey there delilah
  6. coldplay-the scientist
  7. kevin rudolph and lil wayne-let it rock
  8. u2-sunday bloody sunday
  9. estelle(feat. kanye west)-american boy
  10. fleetwood mac-songbird
  11. the doors-waiting for the sun
my main goal, aside from deep cleaning, was to go through the drawer and cupboard and organize and throw stuff away. most of the stuff on the counter came from the drawer or cupboard.after
much it can open!
mmm, my favorite cleaner. love the smell.

...things found-i found a necklace i'd been looking for and the case to our thermometer.

next i tackled our room

then the closet
after(didn't take a before but we couldn't walk in there)
but here's the pile removed that is going to charity:
while i was cleaning the house i also 'watched' 5 episodes of dr. oz, the premier of project runway, an episode of america's got talent and the finale of the oprah show. i also uploaded 65 pictures to the blog which was no small feat with my old computer! i also washed, dried, folded and put away 9 loads of laundry!

on saturday, july 30th, after work i met sandee and the kids for dinner so i could give her church clothes for the girls since them staying a second night wasn't in the original planning.
then i went home and got back to work on the house.
first i tackled the girls room which took forever!

the is the only after picture i took and it's not quite done yet. it looked awesome!
i also hung the two photos of them and the earth day picture of flower's.
i took a little break and painted my toe nails.
here's the crazy laundry piles i had in the hallway the whole time.

it's looking better
the before of the living room
before of the kitchen
before of the dining room
i never got the after shots of the last three rooms but they looked awesome! i got everything done and was so happy! i also 'watched'(more liked listened in the background) to 5 more episodes of dr. oz and secrets from a stylist. i also washed, dried, folded and put away 6 more load of laundry! and finally i did the bulletin for church. then i crashed and slept for most of sunday!

i forgot to send jammies for the girls so they wore kas' stuff to bed. oversized and super cute!

i love having productive weekends!

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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