Sunday, May 31, 2009

KG came home to this...

...a couple of weeks ago the girls ended up with me in the middle of the night. It must have been a long night because I was still dressed with my glasses on. This is how he found us when he got home from work in the morning.
Sleep is so great. And I just can't seem to get enough lately. I'm so tired of the thyroid issues. I got the labs back and after the current dose being correct for two month, and having to constantly be increasing it for a over a year, now somehow it's too much. She lowered it and I've been on that dose for a week but man I am dragging. I can tell it's not enough. The doctor is so confused on why we can't get it stabilized. I was on 112 mg, now I'm on 100 for a month. The third week of June I go in for more labs. At that time she is also going to test my pituitary and adrenal glands because things just aren't adding up. If those things come back normal then she's testing me for something else that I can't even remember the name of. I'm also going to bring up PCOS at the suggestion of a few.
I'm just baffled by how much a thyroid controls. I have so much joint pain, the irritability is annoying, my eye sight is getting so bad so fast, I'm exhausted all the time. I've been climbing three flights of stairs for over a year now and just in the last month I get winded. I have no stamina. Just no zest for life. I also worked so hard the last three months to lose weight. I did the same thing all three months. I lost 6 pounds the first month. I was pissed to discover I gained one pound the second month and one pound the third, when I should have lost at least 4 each month. So frustrating! I'm just so tired of all of it! I want to feel normal.
I slept sooo much today, like two separate 2 hour naps. Maybe more. I'm still tired. Granted I only slept 3 on Friday and 5 last night but still.
So here's to June. Here's to sleeping and actually feeling like I've slept and hoping to get this old body figured out.
I love River's cute stretching arms. The camera flash woke her up apparently.
I also want to note my great ward and my awesome friends. I have so many. I didn't go to church today because I didn't get a lot of sleep last night or this weekend with the girls being sick. I was going to make the effort though and had my dress laid out and all. But then I woke up with a headache from lack of sleep. That always leads to feeling depressed. River screamed bloody murder for the first hour we were awake. I just cried and I tried to stay calm. Thankfully Flower was being so good but that sure didn't last! For most of the morning she was my buddy. My headache went away after a nap and we were watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But then about 1:00 she started tormenting River and trying to wake her up by kicking her so it was obviously nap and quiet time. She fought it a little but I asked her if she wanted me to be mean or nice and she chose nice and got in bed. It was when KG woke up and she heard us talking in the living room that she lost it. Twice today she had complete and utter melt downs. Tantrums rarely seen from her. She develops turrets and screams very unkind things from her room in a demonic voice, opens and slams the door repeatedly, throws things, cries, screams. It's lovely. So back to the story of my great friends and church for us. Within 10 minutes of it starting and me not being there RaeAunn sent a text to find out where I was and check on me and texted throughout church. Kris texted to check on me as soon as church started and then pretty much after church and all night. Amanda showed up at the door with a beautifully painted rock for our balcony, dinner and brownies, just because she missed me at church and knew the kids had been sick! Brenda sent me a message on Facebook. Plus the other day I was feeling blah and Brenda made me a blown glass necklace in turquoise to cheer me up. Seriously? Awesome. It certainly wasn't my worst day. Far from it. But it feels so nice to be missed and loved. And it's awesome to have someone show up with dinner as a nice gesture because you're feeling slightly off, not just because you've had surgery, a major tragedy or some illness. It was all of these kind nods that got me through the day without breaking down and hurting someone! :D They made me able to sit on the sofa and laugh with KG during her tantrums and texting Kris all the lovely details through the day kept me from getting wrapped up in the moment and losing it. I am so lucky with all these great ladies in my life! Love them.

Girls Twin Falls Get Away!

The trip was great. Unfortunately most of the photos suck. Oh well. It's the memories that count right? I sure love the first one!Kris picked up the girls and me at 4:00 on Friday and we were on the road to Twin Falls. We were spoiled our entire stay and I'm grateful for their generosity!
We arrived to a happy welcome and then Julie went and picked up Thai food, which was her treat, and it was yummy. I thought it was so cute to come in the room and see that grandma had pulled up a chair to sit with Flower at the little table to eat dinner. They have an amazing connection and really enjoy one another's company. It's neat to watch them.

We were celebrating Bev's birthday. Kris made a chocolate cake so that was quickly eaten after dinner and it was delicious. Then the girls went to bed and watched a movie and the grown ups talked and waited for Kelly and Stephanie to arrive from Utah.
Saturday, unfortunately, we didn't make it to the temple. We could only get into a 7:30 session. That is so early! I was awake but only because I was awake most of the night with two hacking girls and taking care of River's poopy pants, plus she threw up once and it seriously filled the crib! She's so mucousy with a bronchial infection and the milk is making it worse. Anyway, I am really bummed that we didn't go but on the bright side that just means that now we have to go again, as everyone there pointed out and extended the invitation. :o) I look forward to it! :)
We ate breakfast of German pancakes and chocolate cake and lounged around all morning which was so nice. We talked, looked at the gardens outside while the girls played on the swing set, watched movies....RELAXED. It was wonderful. At noon all 8 girls when to see Up. Bev treated us even though it was HER birthday. Silly lady but it was appreciated! It was a cute show but Flower got a little bored toward the end. When we returned home we had lunch and then RELAXED some more. We didn't leave till after 4:00 with our original intention being noon or 1:00. This is exactly how I wanted it. No plans and no time lines. Just do as we please. :) Part of the afternoon relaxation was being entertained by Flower. She loves to dress up and they have the perfect closet of toys and fun things to play with including dress up clothes. I love the tutu as a wig! :o)

All the girls: Kelly, Julie, River, Kris, Stephanie, Bev and Flower.

Flower showed us her mad skillz on the hula hoop.

I really, really enjoyed this and am amazed at how comfortable I feel there. Every time I go it gets better and better! I love just doing nothing but being totally entertained at the same time and feel right at home. They are all very interesting and fun to learn about. For example, IrannyTrannykilledhisManny. One of the funniest things I've heard in a long time! I'll never get that out of my head! LOL. They've told me over and over to come back and bring the girls and stay. And when we were leaving they made sure to say that I didn't need to bring Kris and I was welcome any time! He He. I enjoy it enough that I'm sure I'll be taking them up on their offer. It wouldn't be the same without Kris though. I loved having so much time with her to hang out and talk. I loved the drive there and back just talking and learning a few new things about her. We never run out of things to talk about and there is still so much to learn! It was a much needed day away and it was fun to have a night away with my favorite girls!

We missed KG! And he's the best. We came home to a wonderfully clean home. Awesome.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sickly babies

River has had her first runny nose this week. I attributed it to her teething. It eventually turned into a cough and has settled in her lungs. This caused her to wheeze. Yesterday she started coughing hard enough to make herself vomit mucusy milk. It's awesome. She hasn't had a fever so I haven't been worried.

As if that wasn't enough, last night Flower came in the middle of the night crying because she didn't make it down the ladder fast enough and wet her pants. She was burning up. I helped her change and then got the medicine. She has thrown up one time in over two years. But lately, she has started doing this gagging thing when she doesn't like something and eventually throwing up. I know part of it is on purpose. It's frustrating. So she gagged on the medicine and started vomiting. Thankfully she ran to the bathroom, throwing up once on the bathroom floor, which is so much easier to clean then carpet, and the rest in the toilet. I made her a bed on my floor because I didn't want to be changing sheets on her loft bed several times! Right after I got her settled River coughed and vomited in her bed and started choking on it. That made me nervous so a bed was made on the floor for her as well. They looked pretty cute. Thankfully there was no more vomit!
Today was crazy. My boss is out of town and therefore I've been working more hours. It seems whenever she leaves and I'm required to work more hours things happen to make that really difficult! Plus it's very hard to have them at the office with me!!! Tuesday I felt like crap, Wednesday was spent in the dentist chair repairing and crowning a tooth, and then today I was sleep deprived. KG took them to the doctor this morning while I worked and then took care of them at home. In order for him to be able to sleep, so he could go to work tonight, I switched with Barb so I worked all day and she closed. I got home at 3:00 to all of them sleeping so sweetly.

They had only been sleeping for a half hour when I got home at 3:00. That is so hard on him! After I took the girls he slept till 8. That is not fun for us because then we don't see each but at least him staying up during the day is an option. I just won't put them in daycare!

Anyway, tomorrow has been a highly anticipated day for over a month. A girls night away. But now itt just may be thwarted by their illness and I will be SO bummed. As KG put it earlier, I really need a small getaway. I love that even he wants to me to go enjoy myself! I'm really hoping they are better tomorrow. They are definitely doing better tonight. Flower doesn't have a fever. My fingers are crossed.

And if this trip doesn't work out, I will promptly be treating myself to getting something that I took out ten years ago and have wanted back ever since!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day BBQ

This afternoon and evening we got together with Amanda and her kids, Scot+Val and their kids, and Sandee+Gregg and their kids for a BBQ, swimming, hot tubbin' and chatting. It was really fun. We are so grateful for our friends and family.

I love watching her float around the pool on her noodle.
KG was having way too much fun blowing water through his noodle. Tee hee.

Gregg is a reading machine!

Yes. That is my daughter hunched over with her trunks pulled down, peeing on the sidewalk. That's my girl!

Oh the things I could say about this photo. :) Let's start with his knowing grin. :-D

See those shorts? Those shorts are size 12 months. The other day Flower came out of the bedroom wearing those shorts. Yes, she was able to button them up and everything. She is a tiny one. Of course she looked hoochie mamma with her fanny hanging out the back. Ok not really but super close. They were a tad too short. :) But she wore them for the day.
Love that sunshine pouring down on her!
My favorite 'launching Daniel' photo.

My second favorite 'launching Daniel' photo.

My favorite photo of the day. Flower is flying! :) Look at her cute little rib cage.
There is a story behind why she's not wearing a bathing suit. An hour or so before we got together the girls were having quiet time. As soon as Riv would fall asleep, Flower would scream and wake her up and then R would cry and F would scream louder. So I told her if she did it again and she'd lose the dress she was wearing. She lost the dress. This is usually all she needs. Not today. So then I kept telling her that if she'd just have quiet time and take a nap she could go swimming later. Then she kept coming out and asking about swimming and then brought the bathing suit, Strawberry Shortcake, that she wanted to wear soooo bad. I told her if she didn't stop talking and stay in her room and have quiet time or take a nap she would lose her bathing suit. Usually we can find her currency, not today! She lost the bathing suit. But hey she's pretty darn cute in her swim trunks!
KG has rad legs. Not kidding when I tell you that the first time we hung out he was doing the splits while we played Speed, the card game, and right then and there I knew that boy was mine! And he's flexible. Oh is he flexible!
Can you see her first new teeth? She pushed her two bottom teeth through in the last three days. "Hi Mom!"Cheetos lipstick. It's all the rage. :)
I was getting after Flower for smacking someone on the head with a wet noodle! I'm surprised River isn't smiling. She usually smiles when I get mad at Flower. LOL.

I've always liked my nose and lips and KG captured them well here if I do say so myself. And while I'm being nice to myself, I've always liked my ears too. :o)
Good thing we had Val to take care of our naked daughter. :)
Poor baby with her first runny nose. :(
We had a great evening spent with wonderful friends! We are so grateful for this day to show our gratitude to those that have served and continue to serve our country and give us the freedom we enjoy.

Let's kick it.

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