Tuesday, February 28, 2012

leap day date

We got engaged on leap day in 2000. I decided to surprise KG and the girls and recreate some of my favorite things from our dating years. We used to make homemade fries all the time while dating. We played speed everyday when we first met. We'd talk and talk and laugh and laugh while we played. We played and each won a game and then we taught the girls how to play. We played regular and california. The first night we hung out we realized we both loved cheese cake. Cheese cake helped me show him how I felt about him. After we enjoyed the cheese cake we danced to our song. A dance that brought back the intense feeling I had way back then when he held me that I knew he could be trusted more than anyone I'd ever met. Gosh I love him. The girls also joined in and it was everything I wanted the day to be!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

hearts a flutter

The girl's Valentine's loot. They each got a Minnie loves Mickie t-shirt, a hooded blanket with heart ears, and a hello kitty cup, plate and bowl for their breakfast.
The sweetest little Valentine's wrapped up in their new blankets. I love the hearts on their head!
Heart shaped pizza...before
The girls got these adorable( and delicious might I add-pink lemonade!) from Lynnette!
Heart shaped pizza...after. Mmm. It's not burned, that's a shadow.
River happily eating her pizza. I just realized that her gymnastics leotard has hearts on it! How fitting.
Flower loves her pizza too!
New lamps and shades from my valentine's
Cute valentine's cups
Sweet cards

I love their signatures! River's is on the right.

A very happy day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

the grammy's!!!

i won tickets to the grammy's on 103.3. i was the 9th caller one morning and my name went into the drawing. two weeks later they drew my name out of hundreds! i could not believe it! sandee watched the girls for the weekend and kris took us to the airport. i had been sick all week with some mystery illness and i have no doubt the bracelets kris lent me to help prevent motion sickness saved our weekend! we boarded the plane on saturday at noon.

we landed in LA and got some delicious frozen yogurt!

then we located our free shuttle and headed to our hotel.

it's really real. we have the tickets in hand!
that evening we walked next door to get some dinner. it was quiet and the food, delicious.
the glasses were slanted.
fresh veggies and humus
flat bread with spinach and mushrooms
our room was on the top floor at the left corner of the sign.

peek-a-boo. there i am. :)

sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast in bed. oatmeal for me. bagel for kg. and we shared a yogurt parfait.

finally about noon i started getting ready!
i actually wore make up. well, mascara and eye shadow anyway.
the shoes
the purse
the dress
the bling
curling my hair
and we are ready. he looked hot.
i looked hot. :)
we took a taxi. it cost $50 each way. jeepers!
we look hot. :)
we got some lunch inside and then found our seats!
that's me AT.THE.GRAMMY'S!
the stage!

i love my date.

the show has begun.
we got these bracelets to wear for coldplays performance.
all the stars are filling in the seats below.

our bracelets lit up. very cool.

it was so surreal. it was really interesting to see the production side of it. so different than watching it on tv. we loved the beachboys tribute. bruno mars was amazing. loved rihanna and coldplay. taylor swift was as cute as can be and won me over. i loved the jennifer hudson's tribute to whitney houston. kelly clarkson was great. adele was awesome. what a power house! and of course paul mccartney was amazing! gah! i still just can't believe i was there. :)
we went to a little mexican restaurant for dinner after the show. they were replaying the grammy's on the tv. it just wasn't the same. there was so much emotion to see it live. so very cool.
our food was yummy.
and that was the night.
the next morning we went to the restaurant in our hotel for breakfast.
then we took the shuttle to the airport and to catch our flight at noon.
we had a layover in phoenix so justin met us at the airport for lunch. it was good to see him! i can't believe i didn't get his photo but we had a nice chat.
and then we waited to board our last plane.
there was a cute little birdie in the airport.
love the look of flying over the clouds.

we got the best greeting from the girls at the airport! this was the longest we have been away from the girls. they were pretty excited to see us! they came running into the section they shouldn't have, screaming 'mommy daddy' 'we missed you'! everyone around was cracking up. they gave us the best hugs.
but they were over us pretty quick and running around the airport. :)
this was such a wonderful getaway for us. we had fun together and i'm so grateful that i won this amazing trip!

Let's kick it.

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