Friday, December 31, 2010

december wrap-up

12.1-the girls went to bonnie's house while i worked and right before i picked them up river tripped and slammed her head into the corner of the fire place. it bled pretty bad but thankfully bonnie is a nurse and had it under control. when i arrived river was laying down with ice on her head. when you ask river what happened she points to it and so cutely and dramatically says, "bonnie house. fall down. boom. owie. ice on it." i adore this photo! i'm pretty sure she's getting ready to say boom! it's more than a month later and she still has a little indent on her forehead and tells the story exactly the same. :)
12.2-on the morning of the 1st, the girls went with me to the office and both had their gloves on but when we left flower's were no where to be found. we searched high and low and even started wondering if she ever had them on. we also looked at home that night and couldn't find them. on the 2nd when lynnette got to work she tried to use her printer and the output was closed so the paper was jamming. she opened it up and what did she find?
flower's gloves! flower had completely forgot that she put them in there and then closed the door. silly girl. lynnette and i had a good laugh.
that night sandee and i went to natalie malm's house for an ornament exchange. it was so fun! we both got really cute ornaments and the food that everyone brought was delicious. we look forward to going next year!
12.3-the girls spent the night at ken and laura's so they could watch them for us while we went to our work party and then watch them for me on saturday. thanks guys!
12.4-while i was doing the dishes i looked over and she was staring with this cute look on her face. :)12.5-patrick and mary catherine came over for dinner and games. we really enjoyed their company! we made our lemon pasta bake and mary catherine brought over a delicious homemade apple pie and we played rummikub.
12.6-we met mandy and kathy at olive garden. it was a great dinner and we enjoyed seeing them. that evening while flower and i went to the store, kg gave river a bubble bath. :)

12.7-i had to go get 8 vials of blood taken! yuck. thankfully i drank so much water just prior to going in that it all went smoothly.

that night i went to the relief society christmas dinner. when i arrived they were making ginger bread houses. i just wasn't in the mood although everything looked great and everyone seemed to be having fun. i was just still feeling weak from the blood draw and just wasn't in the mood to socialize and pretend i cared about what anyone was saying. so, i dropped off my apple pie and left after 30 minutes and went home to be with my family. :)
12.8-this is a familiar scene these days with river. kg took this when he got home at 7:30 that morning. she insists on being right on top of us! my legs are so bruised from it.
12.10-the post office that holds our p.o. box for work is downtown and we check it everyday the first week of the month and then every friday thereafter. flower likes to go with me so we can walk across the street to pie hole and get her a slice of pizza.
she still remembers doing this when we lived at the idanha when she was 2-3 years old. she'd eat while walked around and people would comment on how cute she was. they still do. :)
the girls spent the night at sandee's that night.
12.11-sandee watched the girls while i worked. thanks sandee!
12.12-we ordered chinese take-out and river was doing awesome with the chopsticks! i love this photo of her. she seems so grown up. she's wearing a 'shirt' that was her easter dress when she was just 5 months old! i love dresses that can be worn as shirts and therefore last for years!
12.13-i had my follow up appointment on the blood work with dr. stancui. unfortunately things weren't as good as i had hoped. the good? my thyroid and vitamin d were better than they'd been in 3 years! yay. the weight loss was definitely helping those. but after losing 40 pounds last year, i now have high cholesterol, my sugars are worse, iron is still low and now a severe b12 deficiency. things are going to change big time in january! i was surprised that i could be 'skinny'(ha-far from it) but still not healthy. and that b12 shot hurt! i had dead arm all day. here is river on the doctors computer. :)

12.14-the girls got these puppets from ikea when we went in november. they have a lot of fun with them. they were watching me get ready for work. :)kathy gave those adorable pajamas to river.

12.15-river loves the happy birthday song. she found this lighter in a drawer and brought it to me and started singing the song. so i lit it and sang to her so she could blow it out. we did this several times and she loved it every time!
12.17-i have lost enough weight that i can finally wear boots! i got some ugg type and have been loving them. and although they fit, they were a little snug and my leg isn't used to boots in that spot so i got a nasty bruise and rash.
but they have kept my feet so snuggly and warm it was totally worth it! especially now that i'm used to them and it's gone away.
12.18-kg and i had a lovely date night that was part of kg's 12 days of christmas. thanks to sandee watching the kids, it was a great night! we went to don diego's for dinner.
maybe the best mexican i've had in town and great service. then we went to see the tourist. we actually really liked it! thanks sandee. we needed it!
12.19-we had our christmas sacrament meeting. it was one of the neatest i've ever seen. it was such a variety of people doing duets, quartets ect. instead of the typical choir. and then, because of the refugee family, each time a scripture was read, jerry read it again in french. it was so neat! i love our ward.
kristen and cameron came over after church for an early christmas celebration. we ate kg's delicious chili and watched the polar express. they brought the girls a tub of popcorn.
and i got spoiled! kristen gave me this beautiful bracelet.
these really great bottles filled with candy.
AND a box of my favorite soft candy canes sticks.
thanks kristen! i'm so glad you guys came over!
12.22-they nap together everyday and it's just so sweet. :)that night river insisted on her two babies sleeping with her and they had to be placed just right on the sides of the boppee. she also wanted the penguin in the corner! silly girl.

12.20-it was my day off and i spent it making some delicious banana bread to give to our visiting and home teaching families. i also watched a couple of christmas movies: snowball express and christmas in the clouds, did laundry and cleaned the kitchen. that night we went to roger's house to celebrate christmas with his family because they were going to cabin. it was a really nice day!
12.21-we put together the goodie bags for the families which included the banana bread, almond roca cookie bars, fresh fuits and veggies, and some lotions. i loved packing them full of yummy things. i hope they liked them
12.22-i needed to go to old navy so the family joined me and we went during my lunch. we went to the swap meet place next door and played. it was fun although i'm sure they were annoyed that we weren't buying anything. ;)12.23-i needed to go the post office for work so the family joined me and we went to siam thai for lunch. it really is my favorite thai. i crave their dang lettuce wraps. oh so delicious. love it!
12.24-i only had to work a half day on christmas eve so the family picked me up at 2:00 and we went to the mall to play. i had to use the restaurant so kg took the girls into a store. i loved walking in to this store and seeing the girls jamming out to their own music.12.25-merry christmas. flower had drawn this on the dry erase board earlier in the week and i just loved it! she drew daddy on the left with river on his shoulders. isn't that great?! and then i'm between them and the tree. she is on the right and i was so surprised she drew bazil in there on the lower right. :) i so wish she had done this on paper so i could print it and frame it and hang each year at christmas. but this photo will have to do.12.26-flower took this photo of some of her and river's christmas goods lined up.
and of river and i chillin' on the bean bag.
12.28-we got satelite. i've had cable for 10 years and love my tivo! but lynnette got it here at the apartments and said she'd pay for it because she'd still be saving a ton so how could we say no? it'll be saving us $50 a month! i'll miss you've been a daily companion for 6 years!
12.29-i walked into the bedroom to the see this.
it looks like flower is giving river a tattoo on the butt. i laughed.
she is using a pen of kg's that lights up so it looks pretty cool. ;)
well, that about says it all for the month. it was a fantastic month.
we also had such a great year, which i don't think was the norm for most people. lots of good things happened and i'm looking forward to 2011. peace out 2010!

iceburg. bounce. new year's eve.

i had a half day off for new year's eve which meant i got off work at 2:00 pm. :) kg needed to sleep because he worked that night so i needed to find something to do with the girls. first we went to iceberg for lunch. they have yummy corn dogs, fries and shakes! after that we went to bounce. i had purchased a half off pass for 5 visits a couple of months ago so that's what we did! with the cold weather it was perfect. sandee and the kids met us there. it was so fun!
kas on the velcro wall.
lots and lots of bounce houses to play on!
spencer on the velcro wall.
some friends from our ward ended up being there and cara was so sweet to go down the slide with river the first few times so i could get photos! actually i was too busy talking to one of my favorite high school friends that i ran into. so good to see you kaylynn!
i adore their smiles and happy faces.
bryce putting cara on the velcro wall.

she stuck!
the ramey's. they asked me to take a photo of their family. not the best photo because the kids ended up out of focus. sorry guys.
flower on the velcro wall.
i LOVE this photo! they are up pretty high. they are closer to the top than the bottom.

they were both starting to slide down in their suits and were getting nervous by this point.

this is another favorite photo. such a happy face!

i love the way they'd cross their arms over their chest and bite their lip. :)

this made me laugh. the glove was huge!

they laughed so hard on the bungee. you run away from the wall as fast as you can and the bungee springs you back.

it melted my heart watching flower be so helpful with river.

we had such a good time and stayed till almost 6:00!
we had a pretty low key new year's eve. just me and the girls. they were asleep by 10:30 and i enjoyed some movies by myself. perfect.

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