Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to school fashion Shoot

A photo shoot downtown with all their new school clothes!  Lucky girls get double the clothes to choose from since they are still essentially the same size.  River is starting Kindergarten and Flower is starting 4th.
They love finding clothes with matching items for their doll or animals!

River got spooked by the sound of a car going through the light.  She thought she was going to get hit and she freaked and ran.  It was funny!

Back to school feast

Earlier in the day we asked the girls a bunch of favorites questions. We then used the food portion of those questions to give them a feast.

Favorite appetizer:
Flower and River said Olive Garden salad.  I happen to have that dressing in the fridge so it was an easy one to make.

Favorite meal:
Flower-macaroi and cheese
River-a plate of fruit

Favorite side dish:
They both said french fries and grapes

Favorite dessert:
Flower-vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

Favorite drink:

Although the photos don't show it, we had all the foods listed in their favorites.  It was fun!  KG decorated and set up everything while I was with the girls getting their school supplies.  The 'K' is for kindergarten and the 4 is for 4th grade!

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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