Saturday, March 31, 2007


..over this...
I want one. I have developed a love affair with fabric! I have even bought some and can't do anything with it. It's my current dream to start making things to sell so that I can have my very own Etsy shop! That would be so great! I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't buy one until there is a place for it. I started organizing the room last night. Hopefully I'll have it soon. I went to Boise Sewing and Vacuum Center today between conference sessions and drooled over it. Soon. It will be soon!

Princesses, horses and lollipops

Wednesday Flower and I went to Star to visit my friend Kari. This was my first time at her new house and it's really beautiful. I was unable to go to her baby shower a few months back and she didn't get the invitation to mine so we had a little gift exchange. Flower was gifted a really fun strawberry shortcake doll and an adorable outfit! Thanks Kari! Here new little guy, Lucas, was sleeping so I didn't get a photo of him but he's a cutie! We had lunch there and Flower had a great time playing with Brian and Sydney.

She got to dress up as a princess and play in a giant Buzz Lightyear playhouse.

I really enjoyed talking with Kari. It was fun to catch up!
After that, since I was right up the road, we went to Marco's parents. Marco and Stephen were there and we just sat around and talked. We were tormenting Flower with a red laser pointer that Marco had. It freaked her out! I don't understand why a white flash light wouldn't scare her but a red one would. It did. We had a good laugh at her expense. Poor thing.
She had fun playing on the piano too.

Stephen just kept saying how cute she was. They are both just smitten with her!
She got to see the horses too but didn't want to get on this time. Probably because her daddy wasn't there like last time.

That night we watched Ellektra again while her parents went to a hockey game with Ashton.
Flower can be kind of bratty sometimes, thankfully Elle can hold her own. She was actually the
tormentor at one point trying to snatch Flower's lollipop after she'd already eaten her own.
We were quite amused! They kissed and made up before the night was through.....

...and then tried to escape together. Too bad they can't reach the door handles yet! ;)
I'm so grateful for so many good friends that bring joy into our lives!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

by popular demand...

here are some more 'argument' videos between KG and Flower :).
hurts doughnut
I'm Not yelling

my husband is H-O-T....

HOT! that's right, he's the hottest thing in town. check his new do! i'm having a hard time picking just one photo so here's a few!

Here is one after his shower and shave! isn't he so cute!
The base of his hair is purple with blue highlights and violet kicker. Val's got some mad skills yo!

Baby shower, Football game, Sleepover, OH MY!

Saturday was a busy day! Flower and I left early for my sister-in-law's baby shower! Amanda is looking so cute! We had a great time and she had a really good turn out. When KG woke up we went to my nephew Royal's Flag Football game. He hasn't been that in to sports so my brother was excited when he wanted to play this! He really seemed to enjoy it and was pretty good. It was fun to watch.

We took my niece Lauren with us when we left because she was going to spent the night. We stopped at Corona Village for dinner. We had a 'buy 1 get 1 free' coupon. We bought Lauren dinner and she bought us dessert to share. ;) While there KG and Flower kept 'arguing'. It was pretty funny. The cash register was right on the other side of the half wall and the guy working it was cracking up. I've included one of the many videos of it. KG and Flower arguing.
We had a really great day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Evening at the Park

Monday we had the opportunity to spend time with family and friends at the squishy park. KG and I had errands to run in Meridian. We decided, since we don't see our grandparents nearly enough, that since we were out that way we'd include Grandma Madison in family home evening. We swung by Little Ceaser's and picked up pizza, then picked up my Grandma. What was going to be a small gathering turned into a party.
My sister decided to join us with her two kids because the kids were going to be spending the night at my parents for Spring Break. She figured she'd have my parents meet her there, saving her form going all the way to their house, that way her and Gregg could go to an earlier movie. So then my parents showed up with Root Beer and cookies in hand! We were then greeted by the Goodsell clan and the party was complete!
KG flew kites with the kids and there was lots of playing on the playground! Flower would do the slide for hours and hours if we let her! We had a great time spent in the company of those we love.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Our new sofa.

After so many requests, I finally have photos of our new sofa. We are really happy with it! I have already told KG that for the next holiday, I'd like a gift card to a store that has great throw pillows! I can hardly wait! I am so excited about the potential for this sofa. Every time I'm ready for our living room to have a new look or new colors, I just have to change the throw pillows and add a great little blanket to match! My niece Lauren spent the night last night and said it was super comfortable to sleep on as well.The above photo is how we've had it set up since we got it.

The next photo shows another option for arrangement. Since all five pieces are separate, it provides a lot of options. This one makes a great bed, which is how my niece slept. I can also lie on the shorter one, with KG on the longer one, with all the pillows removed, making plenty of room for a cozy movie spot. Another example would be to put the two corner pieces together as a love seat with the two armless pieces together, opposite the 'love seat' as an armless love seat with the ottoman in the middle as a table. That would provide for a great conversation area. Yet another option, as seen in the next photo, and my current favorite for long use, is to remove the back pillows and slide all the way to the leather.
I am able to sit cross-legged since the cushions are so deep and put my back straight up against the back, providing great back support! We can also purchase any one of the pieces separate in the future if we so desire. If a future room provides, we can even make it just one long '4 cushion' sofa with an ottoman. The possibilities are endless! Smiles all around! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Busy day....

....with friends and family!

Friday started early with breakfast with Uncle Stephen and Grandma Hunter. KG's uncle was in town, only for a day, from California so a quick breakfast was the perfect way to see him, give him hugs and introduce him to Flower. We enjoyed breakfast at Delsa's.

After an afternoon nap for Flower, while I worked, we went to my friend Sara's house.

We've been wanting to get the kids together to play and I wanted to get some scrapping ideas.
I got some great ideas but it ended up being more about the play which was great. Flower had a great time with Liam, Sydney, Madeline and Quinn.

I enjoyed an afternoon of chatting with a friend as well!
Good times!

We got home at 6, just in time to wake KG and meet the Klein's out front. We walked with them to Brick Oven Bistro for dinner.

They then took Ashton with them to the Hockey game and we brought Ellektra home to play with Flower. It took bit for Elle to warm up but she eveuntually did.

They had enough fun to be so tired they were both asleep by 10:00 pm! We enjoyed talking some more with Scot and Val when they came to get Elle. KG even got a game of Candyland in with Ashton!

Friday, March 23, 2007

the hair.... all it's fully sunned glory! :)

YMCA with Nei Nei

Mom accompanied us to the YMCA. She swam with Flower so KG and I could work out together. We really enjoyed ourselves and I think they did too! Yay for Grandmas!

a little bit punk rock....

....a little bit rock 'n roll.

My new look.

I love it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


...was one of those days that I felt pretty unproductive and therefore left me feeling like a bad mom. It ended well however. KG put Flower in the tub shortly before going to karate. I ended up in the bathroom with her, blowing bubbles for her enjoyment. I was quite pleased with myself because, being the photo whore that I am, I was able to blow the bubbles, then hurriedly take a photo to capture those magical moments! Not an easy task when trying to blow the perfect bubble and get the perfect photo, all while trying to keep the bubble juice off the camera! I spilled an entire small bottle and half a very large bottle...but I got the perfect photo...lots of them actually!! :o)

She was also treated with a Popsicle in the tub which turned the water a nice pink hue!

I also got a lot done, making a yummy shepherd's pie for dinner, putting all the laundry away from the day before, and vacuuming most of the house.

Let's kick it.

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