Wednesday, March 31, 2010

jumping girls

the girls are constantly jumping. every single day. they are either jumping on the sofa like a trampoline, from the arm of the sofa onto the sofa, or from the sofa to the pillows on the ground.

oops. she missed the pillows this time. there were a few tears.
but not enough to stop her!

i'm glad they are so easily entertained.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

march madness

....started a 12 day diet. i used it as somewhat of a sugar detox. i am so addicted it's ridiculous. it really helped and my cravings have decreased significantly.

....the girls have so much fun in the bath together. we don't always love what they do or the messes they make. but they sure have fun!

....went to get a facial, manicure and pedicure at stepping stones. finally used the remaining gift certificate lynnette had given my for my birthday in august! it felt wonderful.

....took flower on a date to see princess and the frog at the dollar theater. anytime kg has a tuesday off, which works out to about one a month, we rotate in taking her on a movie date. it's kind of fun. we were joined by sandee, kas, opal and laura. i really loved the movie!

....took flower to register for school. it's so crazy that she's going to be in kindergarten! she passed all the tests with flying colors and is more than ready. she walked out of there with a bag full of fun things.

....went to a st. patricks day lunch with lindsay, kris, and velma at ha'penny. lindsay is from ireland so she wanted to celebrate. it was fun! the service wasn't stellar but the tomato soup i had was delicious!

....the day after our vacation, i had to go back to work, but kg still had a couple of days off. he took the girls plus kas and spencer to the discovery center(sandee had free tickets for the four of them) and the park. they were joined by john and his boys. they had a great time.

kg got some great shots!

....that night we went to TGIFridays for dinner for FRE. river was being so sweet and kept leaning on my shoulder.

....the next day kg and john took the kids to see the princess and the frog. i love seeing kg and john hang out with all the kids. :)

....i had an appointment with a dietician and a psychologist. i've made it my goal for this new decade to get healthy...mind, body and spirit! that means talking to someone to get things out of my head, eating better and being more physical, and going to the temple at least once a month. so far so good! i'm so optimistic. i'm incredibly grateful for kg and kris' support in this! they've actually done several aspects with me and are just supporting me so much. love love.

that about catches me up for march. it's about time i enter april with the rest of you! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

03.28.2010::wrapping up the trip

sunday we woke up in time to get the free hotel breakfast before we packed it up and finally headed home. the girls were champs and traveled well the entire trip.
this is river's first time with poprocks. she didn't really respond. bummer.

these lollipops they chose from hadley got us through the final hour of the trip.
they kept doing 'cheers' with them.
we arrived home a little after 6:00. as much as i loved the trip, i was happy to be home. besides, we cleaned the place spotless before we left and also had the carpets cleaned while we were gone so it was so wonderful to walk into our beautifully clean place.
i'm so impress with how well the girls did on the trip. we traveled a lot of miles and there were no movies in the car. just books and songs.
we did a ton of walking and this is the first trip ever that my feet weren't killing me. i know i've written about them before but i LOVE my sneakers that i got for my birthday. they are so comfortable for my daily exercises and were awesome for this trip.
it was so nice to have alone time with kg to see an amazing show celebrate our upcoming anniversary in vegas and i'm so grateful for alyce's family being willing to help us with the girls.
we had such a great time with the kleins. they were so easy to stay with. they were so generous too. they cooked wonderful meals for us as well as provided us with a comfortable place to sleep and just made us feel at home. we sure love them.
i couldn't have asked for a better 10 days spent with my little family and our good friends. we had thought about not going in light of our car situation. maybe it would have been more responsible to spend the money on a car but i don't regret it a bit. we needed this time away and i loved every minute of it!
i forgot to include our souvenirs from vegas.
flower chose this cute little snow globe from the m&m store for her preschool teacher, miss april.
the girls each chose these little cups from there as well.
and we chose an ornament for our christmas tree.
i can hardly wait for our next vacation! :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

03.27.2010::san diego day five

saturday was our last day. :(
we made the best of it by playing on the trampoline in the morning and enjoying the nice weather.

then we got all packed up and headed for mission beach. on the way there scot stopped at a philippines market because he wanted us to try their sweet bread. it was so worth the stop. delicious!
we found a place to park at the beach and then walked along the beach to belmont park.
it was a beautiful walk.
we enjoyed some skating street performers.
we went into a souvenir shop. river picked out a maraca.
and i got a magnet. i didn't get a photo of what flower picked and can't remember what it was.
the kids rode the carousel.

and the yellow submarine.

we also enjoyed some pizza and ice cream.
on our way back to the beach we watched this little kid. he was so cute jamming to the music.

finally we went back to play in the sand. i really wanted to get some great beach shots with my camera but oh well. phone shots were my only choice.

river wasn't too sure what to think about the cold water.

flower loved it! of course ashton and elle were old pros. :)

sand in her toes.
eventually river loved it too. in this picture she was with me. the waves were going in and out and getting our legs wet. she would touch the water and giggle. shortly after this a wave came in that knocked her over and the water went right over her head. i scooped her up and she just had a surprised look on her face. the water had gone well above my knees. oops. :)
shortly after that it was 5:00 and we were all wet and ready to go. :) we didn't want to but really needed to get on the road. we said our good-byes and off we went. it was sad to leave. i miss them.
we had to get here before they closed at 8:00 and it was a couple of hours away!
we love hadley and stop each time we are in california. we got kg's dad some dates and trail mix. kg got himself some dates and cherry bomb candies. i got some cinnamon lollipops. the girls each chose a lollipop. flower also got poprocks. we also got some popcorn and fresh peanut butter. good stuff and good times.
we were on the road again hoping to make it to ely, nevada.
here's our ghost rider. she sleeps with her head covered in bed too.
they were both conked out which made for a quiet ride.
i fell asleep as well but somehow kg managed to stay awake and i believe we pulled into ely at 4:00 am.

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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