Thursday, March 31, 2011

march wrap-up

3.1-river and i love our time together in the mornings! we were playing with a new camera on my phone. fun times!

this one scared her!
that afternoon kg bought me a surprise. a pineapple cutter! i was so excited and can't believe how much easier it is to cut my pineapples now. considering we had 9 fresh pineapple at home, this came in handy!
3.2-enjoying our morning snuggles again.crazy nap hair!

carrying around her baby at carol's.
3.3-napping together. i love how she always has her hand somewhere on me. :)3.6-flower wrote this for us at church :)
translation: i love you mom and dad because you are my favorite mom and dad. love flower. for mom and dad. :)
the girls sat like this for almost 30 minutes watching our sunday movie. :) we watched bambi, dumbo and beauty and the beast.
melt my heart!
3.7-kg bought the girls these glomates. they love them, especially at night in bed.

3.10-afternoon family date...the post office, pie hole, aspen leaf(my new favorite!)

can you sense the peace in this photo? the girls were asleep and the house was quiet. :)
3.11-they requested i take their photo because they were very proud of the outfits they'd chosen to wear.
3.13-after church we watched the bee movie and then cinderella. river was being so sweet and insisted i lay on her lap almost the whole time and she'd rub my head.3.15-i actually went to our enrichment night. it's my first activity in quite some time. kris was my rock and stayed right by my side the whole time. my hands were sweating profusely the whole time but i survived and gasp! i even enjoyed myself. it was a talent night and we have some mighty talented gals in our ward. i particularly loved emily's musical performance with her dad and daughter. i also loved audra's musical number. i was very exhausted by the time i got home from holding it together for so long but it was worth it.
3.16-3.18-she is so pretty!we met sandee and the kids at chili's for dinner and then they came over to watch unstoppable. great movie!
3.19-mmmm, oatmeal for breakfast. she loves to break up her banana to put in hers. i like mine plain.

3.20-bowchikawowwow. you should hear river say it! so cute.
3.20-for our sunday movie marathon we watched mulan and rug rats go wild.
3.21-we enjoyed a family lunch together at oriental express.
3.26-we hung out at the goodsell's and played killer bunnies!
3.29-i took barb to the airport at noon so she could fly to hawaii to see lynnette and patti in the lavaman!
3.30-i had another dreaded therapy appointment in the afternoon that kris so kindly took me too. i'm just not sure about this whole thing.
kg made a yummi dinner!
then i did some retail therapy at savers. i bought like 15 shirts, 2 pairs of pants and a sweatshirt. now i feel better getting dressed knowing that all my clothes aren't going to fall off. the girls also picked out a few things. it was a fun trip!
finally, we went to goodsell's and played doodle dice for a couple of hours. it was fun.
3.31-i went to a 'new to me' salon, caritta, and got my hair cut by kolee. i was so nervous because of the whole 'chit chat/small talk' business that i hate but it went really well! and i love the cut. she gave it a good shape so i can continue to wear it natural. i get so tired of straightening it and haven't done that much this year. i usually wear it naturally curly the first day and then wear it in a pony tail for a couple of days because i don't have it in me to do much more than that with this darn depression. i have very heavy hair as kolee repeatedly told me but i was thrilled when she said cutting curly hair was her favorite and specialty. she's right! i love it.

this was a month with several very low points but as you can see, lots of good happened too. i'm so grateful that i document it this way so that i can see that good things really do happen even when my brain tries to convince me otherwise.

dinner crepes. movie. ice cream.

march 31st was a really fun night. first i met sandee, kris and jerry at the creperie for dinner while kg took the girls to the park to drop them off with the goodsell's. none of us had eaten there before and i really liked it. definitely want to go back.
then kg met all of us for an excellent movie, the lincoln lawyer. really good show.
after that we were all in the mood for dessert so we went to sub zero. on the way there we decided to pick up the girls from goodsell's so they could have ice cream too. john and his house full of boys decided to join us.
the girls are always fascinated.
monkey had his four boys plus two nephews in tow.

we had a really nice evening, part without the girls and part with. perfect.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spring break

on monday the 28th the girls and i stayed late at the goodsell's. they are back from mississippi and are living at our complex! they invited us over for dinner and fhe. then everyone played rock band. it was such a fun night and the girls had a blast. we are glad they're here.

on the 29th we went on a family date to sushi ya. yum-o!

we didn't do much for spring break but i still wanted it to be fun for the girls so each night of spring break we slept on the sofa. we'd make a bed and watch their shows until they fell asleep. (i'd go to my own bed once they were asleep.) they loved it.

kg had tuesday, wednesday, thursday of that week off so he got to spend some good time with the girls too.

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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