Thursday, December 31, 2009

A few of my favorite things from 2009 tennis shoes i got for my birthday. it's amazing what a proper sneaker can do!

...melaluca dermacort works wonders on flower's skin

...cloth diapers=fewer rashes, less blow outs, less waste in the land fill, saving approximately $350 in 2009 not buying disposable diapers.

...shazam iphone

...the really good sports bra i got for my birthday


...hand-me-downs for the girls. they have more clothes than we know what to do with and we haven't had to purpose very many of them


...river started drinking whole milk in november which means we started saving $85 a month not buying formula! new picture shelves. i've already rearranged them several times with ease best husband, flower=the best helper and big sister, river=total clown and good for a laugh

i can't wait to see what my favorite things are from 2010!

new year's eve 2009

because of the falling snow, our plans were changed at the last minute. it's not safe to drive the bus in a storm without windshield wipers. plus it's squirrely enough without ice and snow on roads...staying at home was the obvious choice. i also believe this is the first year we've done this. we actually had a good time.
we love jumba juice. flower had mentioned before that she likes their shirts.
earlier in the day i went and got us a juice and got her shirt for new year's eve.
she really did love it, she's was just being a turd for the camera.

we played lrc(left, right, center)
flower wins every time!
then we played the ice cream game.
and i won.
we ordered pizza.

then we did a mock count down with the girls.
we gave them pots and whisks.
i love how those shorts accentuate her thick thighs. yummy!
we had to teach her how to make as much noise as possible.
she caught on quickly. ;)
of course flower had no trouble.
so we counted down as loud as we could...10...9...8...7..6...5...4...3...2...1...
we banged and yelled and screamed and cheered.

then we put river to bed and played princess bingo with flower.
she won.
then we put her to bed and kg and i played shrek operation.
he won.
we went to bed and watched a few episodes of criminal minds until we could kiss in the new year before falling asleep. it wasn't what we planned but i think i ended up enjoying it more. it was fun to just be with my little family and ring in a new year together.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

random saturdays


flower made this cute hat and necklace at preschool.

sandee and i took the kids to monkey buziness.
it was fun but over priced.
and the small children's area was not well thought out. there was no gate or door so i was constantly chasing river to keep her out of the older kids sections. plus, both the girls hung on me just like they do at home. we won't be going back anytime soon unless it's free. :)
here are the girls at the top of the slide.
i only had my iphone so all you see is blips. but those blips are flower and kas.
flower was not amused.

this tree was pretty cool but she was bored with it after 5 seconds.

she loved these blocks.

i went down the slide twice. once so i could see what it was like. i loved it!
i went again so that i could take river.
that blip is river.
she was not amused. :)

random fridays


this is a really cute outfit she received from kathy

random thursdays


these photos make me so happy.
they are happy, and bright.
i needed that tonight.
i am so happy that i captured!

the bed doubles as a jungle gym.

we went to dinner with mandy.

this was a good day.

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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