Saturday, September 22, 2012

back to school girls night!

september 22nd was our annual girls night!we went miniature golfing at shankz which is glow in the dark.  it was so much fun!  after that we went to frozen yogurt.  i love all the girls in our family and grateful for each of them!

thank you for all the photos above, amanda! 

i also put together a fun candy gram for lauren since she's a senior this year and this will be her last girls night since she will be away at collage!  it won't be the same!

my mom has to wear ear plugs since she hyper sensitive to sound.  i love that they made her look like frankenstein!!!

i have such a fun family!!!


Shannon said...

What a fun tradition! I liked that you took individual photos of everyone involved. It made each participant seem that much more special.

Shannon said...

Oh, I forgot to mention how CUTE that candygram is. I've never seen one like that. Sure beats the crap out of those hard to handle candygram posters. =)

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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