Monday, May 13, 2013

13th wedding anniversary!

this is the anniversary we've been looking forward to since we got married!  our 13th anniversary on the 13th day of the month in the year 2013!  it's our lucky year.  we are going on a cruise in august to celebrate.
i sure love this guy of mine.  i very lucky to have found someone so perfect for me and that loves me unconditionally. 
13 of my favorite things and memories we about him/us:
  1. we don't need much to keep us entertained.  for the most part my favorite thing is to just lay in bed together and watch a favorite show.
  2. we travel for food.  we love to try new restaurants when we travel and love to try new food.  we won't eat anywhere we can eat in boise and it's fun.  we scout out yummy things and plan way in advance.
  3. we had 7 glorious years together without kids.  it wasn't stressful because we just enjoy each others company so much.  we knew if kids were never in the picture, we'd be just fine.
  4. everything we do is an adventure, even getting our kids, and we have fun doing it!
  5. kg is such a hard worker and we have no trouble working and making time for each other and keeping things balanced in our lives.  well except maybe a clean house.  but we'd rather be having fun with the girls than cleaning!
  6. we always work together when one of us has a health goal, rather than one person always eating a different way and making it difficult for the other.  we make changes together and support one another.
  7. we love to travel.  some of my favorites: our one and only cruise in 2005 to western carribean. it was that cruise that we knew flower was suppose to be a part of our family. we also went to disney world. our trips to the oregan coast. each time we went, a child joined our family within 6 months later.  china and it was amazing!  san fransisco in 2001 to show him all the places i loved going as a kid and then indio so he could show me where he grew up.  colorado for a concert.  we went to vegas and canada before were married.  those two trips solidified that i could be with this guy forever.  traveling, being together 24/7 and not arguing and completely enjoying each other.  now we take turns planning trips and surprising each other with the details.
  8. we love to eat dinner or breakfast in bed while watching a movie or show and now include our girls in this.
  9. we love ice cream.
  10. we love to try new things like painting ceramics or blowing glass and he'll let me teach him how to crochet and then make cute beanies!
  11. we love to go to festivals and concerts(the concerts are probably more me but he goes or supports me in going and has fun!)
  12. we split all responsibilities 50/50.  sometimes he's a way better parent  and sometimes i am.  we pick up each others slack without even noticing.  most times he's a better house keeper but we both have our strengths and moments of being better at something but nothing is a 'his or her job'.  he cooks 3 days a week, i cook 4.  he does bathrooms and i do kitchen.  we both help with laundry. 
  13. we are still best friends! i can count on one hand the number of arguments we've had in our 15 years together.  we truly mesh and just don't disagree all that often.  i love him!

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