Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Clumsy and careless

I tend to be on the clumsy side and just kind of careless or unaware.  However, after hearing that women can be more clumsy during ovulation, it really made me wonder if that was true for me.  One such example of clumsiness during ovulation is as follows:

On Monday I was looking all over the pantry for the honey to go with our biscuits for supper.  I was shuffling and moving things around, a sort of Tetris if you will.  I moved a big, brand new, unopened bottle of syrup to the top shelf, near the ceiling.  Then I bent over, almost to the floor to continue looking for the elusive honey, and before I know it I'm practically knocked out.  Evidently I didn't make sure the syrup was secure before I let go.  It came crashing down, hitting me square on the nose, right where my glasses sit.  Pushing my glasses into my face before they fell to the floor.  I was left with a cut on my nose and a nice bruise.  It hurt bad enough that my light glasses just sitting on my nose hurt for over a week.

All I can do is laugh because it's it not all that uncommon. :)

I'm definitely going to start paying better attention to see if more of these situations occur during that lovely ovulation.  Maybe it's not really my fault after all!

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