Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to school feast

Earlier in the day we asked the girls a bunch of favorites questions. We then used the food portion of those questions to give them a feast.

Favorite appetizer:
Flower and River said Olive Garden salad.  I happen to have that dressing in the fridge so it was an easy one to make.

Favorite meal:
Flower-macaroi and cheese
River-a plate of fruit

Favorite side dish:
They both said french fries and grapes

Favorite dessert:
Flower-vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

Favorite drink:

Although the photos don't show it, we had all the foods listed in their favorites.  It was fun!  KG decorated and set up everything while I was with the girls getting their school supplies.  The 'K' is for kindergarten and the 4 is for 4th grade!

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