Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tenant Appreciation BBQ and Pool Party 2015

Another successful BBQ with our tenants.  In fact, it was our best turn out yet. It was so fun to see some new faces join those that have com for years.  We have great tenants!
Caroline made this cake herself!
Bailey, Kaden, Maddox
Caroline and Kell

Mackey and Brady
Katie and her gang
Breanna, Nek'ka, Mackey, Brady
Chris, Moon, Iliana, Sienna, Elijah, Aden
The 3 mustketeers!
Flower, River, Sienna Sky
Marco and Lilly
Amber and her daughter

Eloisa and her family
Lisa and Tristan
Carla and Jackie
Tex and Lynnette
Angee and KG

Larry and Audrey

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