Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas jammies

our christmas jammies for 2011
the girls also got slippers.
we had a pink christmas tree this year and i loved it!!
lynnette was kind enough to put new floors in our apartment. we had the carpet cleaned while we were in california(like we usually do when we leave town so it's awesomely clean when we return). we were appalled to walk in the house to an overwhelming stench. at first i thought maybe we had rotting fruit. then nasty dishes somewhere. nope and nope. but it really smelled like urine so i thought maybe river had a pull-up hiding somewhere. after 3 days of scouring our place i finally realized it was the carpet and it smelled of pet urine. we don't have pets but the people that lived here before us did. the carpet guy explained that eventually urine soaked pad will just rot after so many times of getting wet from being cleaned. it was also more than 7 years old. so we got vinyl flooring rather than carpet and we love it! it looks just like wood. but during those few days we had to have everything out of the dining and living rooms. most of the furniture went into the girls room and they slept with us. because that happened before christmas we still wanted to set up our tree but then we'd have to take in down because it wouldn't fit in any of our rooms. so we decided to scrap the big tree this year and set up our table in our room for all of december and we held christmas in there this year. it was perfect! we didn't have to shuffle and move christmas around and it was very cozy. that explains the table and tree in our room. :)

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