Sunday, December 25, 2011


good morning. i love those tired faces. they slept with me so santa could visit in the living room.
when we woke up we discovered our stockings and enjoyed their contents.

my favorite- emergency on the the go underpants in a tin. :)
we then went out to see what santa brought.

can you see behind flower, the two pictures on the wall to the right. sandee gave me the bigger one of the temple. it has our names on it and i love it!

cutest matching dress-up clothes for doll(or stuffed animal) and girls!
santa also had new towels and matts in both bathrooms.

we ate some breakfast and then dug in to opening our other presents.

love this picture kg gave me!

flower picked this shirt out for him.
river picked out this one.

flower's clothes-shirt, sweatshirt and matching nightgowns for her a doll

another tie with the pickles place chair. it's fun to compare it to the one from a year or two prior.
new monkey jammies for our monkey!

the girls had picked these out in disney land last october and didn't think i bought them. they were so excited!

i'm so happy about these pantry can organizing shelves.

river's clothes- shirt, sweatshirt, and matching nightgown for her and a doll.
the girls and kg gave me this beautiful necklace!

after all the gifts, kg went to bed and the girls played with their new things.
then they wanted to take a bath and play with their new disney toys.
while they played i organized the linen closet getting rid of lots of old towels.
donation box
organized closet
trying out their new towels after the bath.

we then cuddled up in new blankets to watch their new movie.
that evening my parents and kg's brother ryan came over for dinner. we got a ham from heavenly ham and it was delicious but the sides i bought there left something to be desired. the girls also opened their gift from my parents.
after a long, fun and spoiled day, we crashed!
thank you to anyone who made this such a special christmas! lisa, lynnette, kris, doug and opal, sandee and kids, kristen! thank you for the gifts. we love you all.
merry christmas!

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