Monday, August 13, 2012

happy birthday to us

this year for our birthday, roger was generous enough to take us all out in the boat! we had a great time. i made homemade vanilla cupcakes to bring and took blimpie sandwiches and met everyone at the lucky peak.  we went on the boat first, then ate and then went out again.  i absolutely love the tubing pictures when they get air.  so fun!

i french braided the girls hair for the occasion.  i adore it this way!

this is the last time you will my glasses :(

it was such a wonderful day!  the only downside was that i was dumb enough not to take off my glasses and i got thrown and they were lost in the lake forever.  they were by far my most favorite pair i've ever owned.  i have a new pair now and have had them for a few months and still don't like how they fit my face.  live and learn!

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Shannon said...

Bummer about the glasses, but at least they were lost in the name of fun. =) These pictures are awesome. What a blast!

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