Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentine's day

i spent so much time at ceramica making these bowls! those polks dots were so much harder than i thought they'd be. i love the bowls and colors so i just have to not look too close to the dots or i get annoyed. :) kg and the girls each told me what color they wanted without knowing what i was doing.  kg chose purple, flower chose lavender, river chose green and mine is the blue.  i love them all together!  i love how the heart on each one turned out.  i'm happy i decided to do that.

we don't buy cereal very often and the girls have been wanting it so that went perfect with the bowls. we also bought them a valentine's t-shirt and some hello kitty chocolates.  we enjoyed breakfast together before they went to school. 

i got a camera bag i've been wanting for 3 years!  i'm in love!
ready for school.

after school the girls came to my office so i could give them a treat.  a pink sugar cookie.  we did a little photo shoot to show off their t-shirts, chocolates and cookies.  i love that i can just hand them something and they do their thing!


kg made us a yummy dinner of ham and potato salad.

i then took over dessert.  chocolate fondue with bananas, strawberries, brownies and pound cake to dip.

we had such a wonderful day!  this is what love is all about!

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