Saturday, February 9, 2013

year of the snake

today we rang in the year of the snake by celebrating chinese new year and our traditional location, oriental express.  we celebrated with some of our favorite people.  we had the biggest turn out yet and it was wonderful!  in attendance were doug and opal; roger, alyse, victoria, royal, and zach; sandee, spencer and kassidee; ryan, amanda, lorelai and lovina; ken and laura; mary jo; gordon and carol; uncle steven and topher; ryan; adam; erina; judy and her mom ann; ben, nikki and cannon; kris and matt; jenna and casey; the sister missionaries, plus me, kg, flower and river! 39 people!  we also feel like jimmy, chau and their kids, sara and dean are like family which is why we love to go to their restaurant.  they were part of our party, too, as they served us.  in fact, the other day flower told kg that she considers jimmy and chau her chinese mom and dad. :)  i thought that was so sweet.   they also very generously gave each child in attendance a red envelope with a $2 bill inside. 
we had a wonderful time.  i'm so grateful for all these people who love us and our girls and support us in our efforts to celebrate flower's culture. 
(i gave kg the camera because i sat myself in a corner to minimize the neck pain.  he was having trouble with the camera so we didn't get a lot of photos but i appreciate his efforts!)

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