Friday, March 15, 2013

vegas::day 1-mon ami gabi + lauren & victoria

sandee and I arrived in vegas on friday afternoon and wasted no time hitting the strip!

sandee got us a gift certificate for an amazing restaraunt in the paris hotel.  best fillet mignon ever!

this is one of my favorite salads, ever!

we then met my nieces, lauren and victoria at the sugar factory.  their family just happened to be in vegas visiting their mom's family.  i was so excited to be the girls for their very first time on the strip!  we got some gelato, saw the dancing fountains, went to the cosmopolitan hotel and went to the m&m store.  i'm so glad they came to hang out with us.  i sure love them!

i did this by accident but i love that this edit makes us look like a cardboard cut-out

very successful first night in vegas!

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