Sunday, March 17, 2013

vegas::day 3, house of blues + titanic + the strip + souvenirs

3.17.13 we started off the day by going back to mandalay bay to eat brunch at the house of blues.  it was yummy.  there was a few hiccups but it ended well.  they brought out my meal on a bun and i had specified gluten free.  it was no big deal but it took awhile to get it back.  sandee's burger was also under done, which was discovered half way through and just as my meal was coming out.  it then took a long time again to get hers back.  we were debating even saying anything because we liked the atmosphere and such.  but we didn't have to.  the manager came over without us even making a fuss.  he apologized profusely and didn't charge either of us for our meals!  that's more than we even expected.  mistakes happen but to recognize it before a customer complains and then pay for their entire meal?  that's good customer service and we will be back!  that also meant i good spend more money in the gift shop! :)

after that we went to excalibur to participate in the titanic experience.  it was incredible!  we each received a boarding pass with a name of an actual person on board that fateful day.  we then walked through the ship, as though we were that person.  the temperature would change from 3rd class to middle to first and the it just felt so real!  the noises, smells and atmosphere.  at the end we look at a big list on a wall to see if the person we represented lived or died that day.  chilling.

both sandee and i survived.  i highly recommend this!

we then walked around through Excalibur and new york, new york.

our feet were so sore and we decided to go back for a nap, but then we stumbled upon a few massage and took advantage!  that was heaven.  and it gave us just the energy we needed to head to the other end of the strip.

we stopped for dinner at the california pizza kitchen.  this is where i got a call from home that flower has lost a tooth!

of course we went to the beatles store!  ugh, i want everything that place!!!

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