Thursday, June 27, 2013

flower's last day of swimming lessons and river's reprise

the first monday of the second week of their lessons we were jumping on the trampoline waiting for their session to start. flower sprained her ankle. no swimming lessons for her for several weeks! so river finished out the week and flower finished a few weeks later. her last day was june 27th. the cool thing was that since river had to go with them anyway, karen invited river to swim with them so the next day she brought her suit and got three extra days of swim lessons!  river is a strong swimmer so karen new it would be good for her.  i was really impress with both girls!  this make-up week ended up being a laps class with older kids, like 10-12, and both river and flower kept up just fine!  they are so awesome.  they swam lap after lap and did just what they were supposed to do.  through this i discovered that my girls aren't necessarily leaders.  when they were with their own age they did just fine and what everyone else was doing.  but when they were put with the older group they kept up and excelled passed their potential and didn't complain about it.  they just did was everyone else was doing and didn't realize they were doing harder stuff because that's what was happening around them.  it's good for me to know because i will now put them in harder things so they push themselves.  i am so proud of both of them!

it was so awesome of karen to let river swim.  we love them and highly recommend them to anyone needing lessons!

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That is awesome!

Let's kick it.

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