Saturday, June 29, 2013

island park::day 2-yellowstone

saturday the 29th was yellowstone day!  we made a stop in west yellowstone for some shopping and playing.

we stopped at a picnic table and had lunch before driving on to firehole falls.  such a beautiful area!

finally we stopped to view several geysers including old faith

river picked out a gun, mask and spurs set from yellowstone.  how cute is she?!

poor girl got a mosquito bite on the tip of her nose!
flower chose a bow and arrow set.  she had so much fun with it and was quite good!

first s'mores of the weekend.  we had to do them inside due to rain outside but nothing was going to stop river from getting her s'mores!

such an enjoyable day!  everyone was laid back and we had so much fun together!
heather and i stayed up late into the night catching up and chatting.  i really needed that.  i didn't realize how much i miss deep conversation with a friend.  we opened up more than we ever have and i have so much respect for heather and her journey.  i also felt so comfortable in feeling like someone really understood me.  that conversation was a breath of fresh air.  thanks heather!

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