Friday, December 13, 2013


We talk about adoption whenever the girls have questions.  The other day River asked again why she wasn't in my tummy.  I explained again that "My tummy is broken and so Heavenly Father had another kind woman carry you so that you could be a part of our family."  "You were both always supposed to be part of our family, you just came to us in a different way."  KG went on to explain that we all knew each other in Heaven before we came to earth and we all chose each other way back then.  Then they asked about death and he told them that we will all be together again in heaven when we die, just like before we came to earth.  I'm grateful for the understanding of God's plan.  We are an eternal family.  I have no doubt that they were always meant to my girls.  I am their Mother.  Adoption is definitely not easy.  It's hard to tell Flower she will likely never meet her sweet Birthmother.  But we remind her that a woman made a very brave decision that saved her life so she could find the family God intended her to have.  For now, she seems to have peace with that.
I'm grateful for River's birthmother and her brave choice.  I'm grateful River does get to know her.  She never has to wonder.  We have a beautiful letter that she wrote for River that we read to River.  I get chills when I read it because she also states that when she met us, she knew the baby she was carrying was meant to be ours.  She tells River how much she loves her and that's why she made the decision to place her for adoption.  Her love for River is why she gave her to the parents she knew were supposed to have her.  River will never have to wonder if she was loved. 
I'm extremely grateful for adoption and the way it's enriched our lives. 

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