Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas dance recital

there's not much to say other than i love watching these girls dance!  they both did fantastic and i'm so proud of their hard work.
river is doing ballet and tap. the recital was tap dancing to 'up on the roof top'.

flower is doing hip hop and they danced to 'fantastic baby' and was so excited to have a small little solo.  she did awesome and comes alive on stage!

a few days after the recital, during the christmas break, the owner called and said she wanted to talk about river.  she said river was bored stiff because she wasn't being challenged at all!  she suggested moving her up a class so she's with kids that are already in kindergarten that are turning 6 or are 6.  hopefully it will go much better and she won't stand out like a sore thumb.  it also meant that she could join flower's hip hop class!  their classes used to overlap and you also had to be 5 but now both of those aren't an obstacle so she'll be in two classes starting in january!  we are excited!

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